Afghan Street Food – Episode 15  / مرغ سجی

Afghan Street Food – Episode 15 / مرغ سجی

August 6, 2019 46 By William Morgan

Hello dear viewers
I hope you are healthy and well
We are at the city and plan to go to the restaurant where
You told us to go
And show you a nice recipe
Please stay tuned to watch what the recipe is
Let’s see where the restaurant locates
We found it
Let’s get in
Are you fine?
thank you
May I come in?
YEs please
How are you?
Fine thanks
It is very hot
Are you good?
Dear viewers, you were asking for the recipe of Seji chicken
Today I will show you the recipe
What is your name please?
Abdul Rahman
And you are the responsible guy for Siji chicken preparatin
Get closer and say hello to the viewers
Yes, hello I am a Siji cooker here
Abdul Rahman will show us how to cook Siji Chicken
We got here later
Because of the traffic jam
But we finally found the restaurant
And found it along with Abdul Rahman
Dear Abdul Rahman, can you explain it from the beginning
Of the process
And some chickens are going to be cooked
Yes they are
Anyway, can you explain the ingredients
And the where do you take the chicken from
do you own the farm or they are the frozen chicken
We slaughter them here
And marinate it here
And fry them
What I liked in Andkhoy restaurant is that they use
fresh chicken
They take them from the farm and slaughter them here
Because I think the frozen chicken will not be as good as they are
Yes our chickens are fresh
And we slaughter them freshly
I want to tell you that we want show you the start of the process
So that you can learn how to prepare it
And can you tell me what are the ingredients
This vinegar
Fresh ginger
Coriander seeds
And we grinder them and mix
And they are for the marination
And we marinate it overnight and cook it on the next morning
You watched the ingredient what we use for the marination
And the process of marination started
And what do you add to the water
I add the rest of the stuffs
Do it please
This is fresh ginger
After this we add the garlic
Because it softens the stuff
And we add the coriander seeds
And the apple vinegar
And then we stir them well
And we have to mix them together
Yes we stir and mix it
And after that we put the chicken in it and leave it for six hours
And it has to be left for six hours
Dear viewers,
In order to show you how to marinate the Siji chicken
I have seen some people using yogurt and lemon
For making the chicken soft
But Abdul Rahman says, for marinating the Siji chicken
we need only the four ingredients
coriander seeds
Garlic and fresh ginger
The four spices are enough
And it need sic hours until it takes the marination
And what if we leave it for longer
Will it decay
Not that makes no problem
You can leave it for longer
It will get even better
So you can leave it for 12 or 13 hours
So that the spices are absorbed
Please talk a little about the sticks
Do you have an empty stick
And what kind of wood is it?
It is oak wood
The heat is so high, but the sticks are not burning
they are heat proof
Six hours passed
It smells so nice
The chicken is well softened
And now is the time to stub them in the stick
Do it like this
And place it on the KORA
When the chicken breast is fried
We turn it to the side
And turn it around until all the sides are fried
The heat is so high
And the location is also very thight
And you are used with the small and hot area
it is very hot and the heat is so high
In order to show you the recipe how to cook the Siji chicken
We decided to show one piece of chicken as a sample
to show how to marinate it and how long does it need
And how long will it take
We heat it here for three hours
Until it half cooks
And do you dig the sticks in gravel
I think the chicken is also cooked
It is cooked well
So please prepare the chicken
And send it in a plate
And I will go to the guest
Please send it there
Hello Baryalai
Are you fine
Are you doing well?
thank you
Dear viewers, Baryalai is a shopkeeper in the neighborhood
And how is your work
It is good thanks God,
But I don’t own enough money to invest well
And the nights passes, just
That is good
And that is good to earn Halal food
Wish you good luck
Is our food ready sir?
take it please
I don’t know if you like the Siji chicken
It is our Qismat
Enjoy your meal please
thank you so much
It is a nice chutney
You can also take
Enjoy it
I will pick some with you
The chicken is so delicious
It is really delicious
How did you find it Baryalai?
It is very tasty
Thank you so much
Enjoy it
And If you don’t mind I will leave you
You can also eat with me
We go to the cashier
Are you fine
what is your name please?
Mohammad Sarwar
Aka mohammad Sarwar is the owner of the restaurant
As I asked Abdul Rahman, he said we own a chicken farm
And we take fresh chicken from there
And tell me what else does your menu include
We have Qabeli, Kebab,
And we have Andkhoy Kebab
I will also take a program on Andkhoy Palaw
we had a Chicken Siji
How much did it get
Never mind
300 Afs
Here you are
Thank you so much
Dear viewers, we reached the end of this weeks
Street Food
Till the next episode
Have a nice time
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