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November 7, 2019 0 By William Morgan

– What did sushi A say to sushi B?
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Hi, I’m Tracy Lockwood Beckerman.
I’m a registered
dietitian in New York City
and it’s my job to help you figure out
what to eat and why.
When the craving for sushi hits
you wanna feel confident you’re making
nutritious and delicious choices.
Today I’m sharing my picks
for how to hack together your
healthiest sushi order ever.
Follow my lead and you’ll
be on a nutritional roll.
♪ They see me rolling ♪
♪ They eating ♪
♪ The sushi the wanna
eat some rolling sushi ♪
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Before you even touch a sushi roll
I recommend starting off
strong with some apps.
Edamame is a great filling
app to start your meal.
It’s high in fiber, low in fat,
and it is a good source of protein.
Because it takes time to eat,
it’ll force you to slow down
which can be a peaceful and calming way
to kick off the meal.
Miso soup is also a great start.
It contains seaweed and tofu
which can add great
nutrients and antioxidants
to your meal.
The broth could be a little salty
so if you’re sensitive to salt,
have a few less spoonfuls.
Bonus, research suggests that miso soup
can actually improve
skin texture, oo la la.
After the soup, go nuts over a
seaweed salad or house salad.
Both deliver high quality
nutrients like fiber,
vitamin A, and vitamin C.
The seaweed gives a nice boost of iodine
which is essential in
maintaining good thyroid health.
Plus the dressing on the seaweed salad
is likely a vinegar
making it good for blood sugar regulation.
The house salad dressing
is also likely made
from ginger and carrots,
both real ingredients that I
can definitely stand behind.
Hot tip, if you wanna save a
bit of dressing from the salad
use it as your sauce for your sushi.
You could drizzle a bit on top
or dunk in your pieces as you go.
Double hot tip, use
chopsticks instead of a fork
to slow down eating and help you to become
a little bit more mindful of your meal.
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when you wrap your fillings and protein up
with rice and seaweed, that’s a maki roll.
I’d reccomend a brown
rice roll over white rice
because brown rice will
snag you B vitamins,
fiber, magnesium, plus
a lower glycemic index
than white rice.
Brown rice is high, white rice is.
And seaweed is high in iodine
and immune boosting antioxidants.
Other styles you can try,
sashimi which is just raw fish
and therefore great for
you protein sneakers.
Is that a smile on your
face because you’re
happy sashimi?
Seaweed only rolls which
can save on calories
by kicking out the rice and naruto rolls
which replace rice and
seaweed with crunchy,
antioxidant filled cucumber.
All styles worth exploring.
My sushi go to is a salmon
avocado and cucumber
brown rice roll.
Salmon avocado and
cucumber and brown rice.
Salmon may be basic, but don’t worry,
you’re anything but basic
but it’s a top pick.
It contains the highest amount of healthy
omega three fatty acids like DHA and EPA
and is low key high on vitamin D.
For those who are dairy free, congrats.
You just met your new
fave source of vitamin D.
Salmon is great for heart and brain health
and is a known inflammation fighter.
Way to go salmon.
And if you don’t dig salmon,
arctic char comes in at second best
in terms of omega threes.
Does the arctic char really
come from the arctic?
Throw some hydrating cucumber
and some heart healthy avocado in that
and you’re in business.
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Now for a list of dos and don’ts
or at least don’t go overboards
when it comes to sushi accessories.
Wasabi, a do.
Wasabi contains anti oxidants
known as isothiocyanates.
Isothiocyanate, isothiocyanate,
I so why couldn’t I say this right
for the first (laughing) 20 times
and has antimicrobials
that can wipe away germs
in the blink of an eye.
Plus it adds a lot of flavor without
extra salt or sugar.
Real talk, lots of
restaurants use horse radish
disguised with food dye
instead of real wasabi
but don’t worry.
Horse radish is still good for you too
helping relieve congestion
and clearing your sinuses.
Ginger, a do.
Ginger has medicinal disease fighting
and stomach soothing properties.
The ginger on your sushi
plate is probably pickled
which means ding ding
ding bonus probiotics.
♪ Do do do do do do ♪
♪ Oh ginger ginger ♪
Soy sauce, a don’t go overboard.
Stick with low sodium soy sauce
as your daily max of
sodium should be no more
than 2,000 milligrams of sodium per day.
Even one tablespoon of
low sodium soy sauce
has 500 milligrams of sodium.
You soy happy, I’m soy happy.
Seek out extra flavor from lemon
or extra ginger and wasabi
and you won’t be too salty.
Spicy mayo, a don’t go overboard.
Ordering spicy versions of rolls
can sneakily pack in
lots of fat and calories
from the spicy mayo.
If you love it get it on the side.
Crunchies, a don’t go overboard.
The crunch in a crunchy roll comes from
fried tempura flakes
and fried saturated fat
that will stress out the bod.
Obsessed with crunch?
Order the tempura flakes
on the side or even better,
ask for a side of crunchy
sesame seeds instead.
Crab, a don’t.
If there’s one absolute no no to order,
I’d say avoid crab which
is more often then not
imitation crab.
It’s like your crab is cat fishing you.
Imitation crab doesn’t have the
health benefits of real crab
so I say hold out for the
real stuff somewhere else.
♪ Will the real crab
meat please stand up ♪
♪ Please stand up please stand up ♪
Now you’re ready to roll.
Whip out those chopsticks and enjoy.
See you soon for another
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Oh I’m craving sushi.