8 Ways To Cut Carbs In A Healthy Manner

September 19, 2019 0 By William Morgan

eight ways to cut carbs in a healthy
manner while low-carb diets are a
popular way to lose weight cutting carbs
from your diet can be easier said than
done after all as anyone who’s tried to
go cold turkey on carbs can attest carbs
seem to find their way into just about
everything that’s delicious so how do
you get the carbohydrate monkey off your
back and carb your enthusiasm once and
for all well you can either sign up to
be a member of a pasta holics Anonymous
or you can watch this video on a popular
ways you can reduce your carb intake and
get a head start on your low carb diet
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on our newest videos when it comes to
losing weight a diet that’s low in
carbohydrates seems to be one of the
best ways to go studies have shown that
diets that are low in carbs are
typically more effective than diets that
are low in fat at least in the short
term but an effective diet is like an
effective sports play you can’t just
rush in blindly and hope for the best so
how are some ways in which you can
optimize the effectiveness of a low carb
lifestyle nutrition expert Chris
Gunnar’s of Health Line outlines eight
of the most popular ways you can
approach cutting carbs from your diet
number one
a typical low-carb diet
while Gunners states that a typical
low-carb diet is a loosely defined term
a simple diet that places a focus on
restricting your intake of carbohydrates
can be an effective way to manage your
weight usually this type of carb
restricted diet involves a meal plan
that is low in carbs but high in protein
making use of high protein food sources
such as meat fish eggs nuts and seeds as
well as the usual staples of fruit
veggies and healthy fats foods to avoid
in a carb restricted diet are things
such as grains potatoes and junk food
that’s high in sugar including soft
drinks your recommended daily amount of
carbs on a diet like this can vary
depending on your weight loss goals how
much weight do you want to lose and how
fast do you want to lose it while
someone who wants to maintain their
current weight can probably make use of
100 to 150 grams of carbohydrates per
day someone who wants to see significant
results fast may want to limit
themselves to less than 50 grams of
carbs in these cases you’ll want to
avoid certain fruits that contain higher
concentrations of carbs and limit your
fruit intake to berries that are low on
the glycemic index number 2 ketogenic
diet if you’ve already done some
research into low carb dieting options
you’ve probably heard words like keto
getting thrown around from time to time
a ketogenic diet or keto diet is a diet
that is very low in carbs but high in
fats causing your body to undergo a
metabolic state known as ketosis when
under the effects of ketosis your body’s
insulin levels drop dramatically and
your body releases large amounts of
fatty acids from its natural fat stores
from there
many of these fatty acids are
transferred from your liver and
converted into ketones which are
water-soluble molecules that can cross
the blood-brain barrier and supply
energy to your brain
as a result ketones effectively start
replacing carbohydrates as your brains
primary source of fuel while your body
still manages to produce enough glucose
for your brain via a process called
gluconeogenesis a ketogenic diet is
typically made up of foods that are high
in protein as well as fat and your daily
intake of carbs is limited to under 50
grams per day for some diets this carb
limit may even drop as low as 30 or even
20 grams per day instead sorry fellow
pasta lovers other variations of the
keto diet such as the targeted ketogenic
diet or cyclical ketogenic diet allow
you to sneak in extra carbs on certain
days or in certain circumstances such as
around workouts number three low carb
high fat a low carb high fat diet or LC
FH is similar to the previous two meal
plans we mentioned but with a greater
emphasis placed on the consumption of
whole and unprocessed foods unprocessed
foods sometimes referred to as real
foods are foods that typically consist
of a single ingredient and do not
feature any human processing or the
addition of chemical additives these
foods are usually praised for being
highly nutritional low in sugar and
better for the environment popular
choices for unprocessed foods to include
in an lchf diet include meats fish
shellfish eggs vegetables nuts berries
and dairy products in lchf diets
suggested carb intake can be anywhere
between twenty to a hundred grams of
carbohydrates per day
number four paleo diet one of the most
popular ways to cut carbs worldwide is
the Paleo diet named after the
Paleolithic era of human history the
Paleo diet encourages you to eat the
same foods that were available to some
of our earliest ancestors before the
introduction of game changers such as
agriculture or the Industrial Revolution
hey Lizzie
can you pass me another one of those
glyptodont steaks sorry that joke might
be too much of a thinker any
paleontologists in the audience with us
tonight the main idea behind the Paleo
diet is that it supposedly improves your
health by returning your diet to the
foods that we as a species evolved to
eat making use of the adaptations that
we Homo sapiens developed in order to
maximize the nutritional potential of
certain foods smaller studies have also
linked the Paleo diet to other health
benefits such as weight loss reduced
blood sugars and a lessened chance of
heart disease the Paleo diet emphasizes
meats seafood eggs fruits veggies tubers
nuts and seeds and cuts out processed
foods foods with added sugars grains
legumes and dairy products painting on
cave walls and forging crude stone tools
to eat with are considered optional
number five the Atkins diet the Atkins
diet is a form of low carb meal plan
that involves cutting as many carbs as
possible while eating as many
high-protein or high fat foods as your
heart and stomach desire the diet itself
is split into four phases starting with
an induction phase where you limit
yourself to under 20 grams of carbs for
at least two weeks followed by slowly
letting healthy carbs back into your
diet in small increments once you’ve
achieved your weight loss goals you
enter what’s known as the maintenance
phase where you are free to eat as many
healthy carbs as your body can tolerate
without gaining back the weight that you
managed to lose while this diet
originally received a lot of flack for
being supposedly dangerous current
research indicates that the Atkins diet
should be perfectly safe as long as
you’re still meeting your recommended
daily intake of fiber number six
Iko Atkins want to get in on the Atkins
action but without all the meaty parts
well you’re in luck a vegan variation of
the Atkins diet also exists referred to
as eco Atkins the Eco Atkins diet offers
up a number of plant-based alternatives
to meet your high protein and fat
related needs such as gluten soy nuts
and plant oils in an eco Atkins diet
about 25 percent of your daily calories
are derived from carbs the remainder is
30% protein and 45% from fats as a
result you’ll notice that the Eco Atkins
diet is hiring carbs than the non vegan
version of Atkins but still contains
fewer carbs than a typical vegan diet
all things considered that sounds like a
pretty fair compromise
number seven the zero carb diet so
you’ve decided it’s time to fully commit
no nonsense no excuses no compromise
carbs you better lose my number because
you are dead to me
except cutting carbs out of your life
entirely might actually be a really
really bad idea people who subscribe to
a low-carb diet restrict themselves to
only animal-based foods such as meat
fish eggs and animal fats like butter
and lard with the exception of some
spices this all carnivore diet leaves no
room for plant material whatsoever
anyone who spent five seconds looking at
a food pyramid in elementary school can
see how an all meat diet could be
potentially dangerous to humans who are
typically omnivores by nature indeed
you’ll want to tread with caution here
as very few recent studies provide any
concrete evidence that a no carb diet is
safe or sustainable most glaringly a
completely animal-based diet leaves you
with no access to vitamin C or fiber to
things that are very very important for
the human body maintaining healthy
weight is important but do you know
what’s more important not getting scurvy
number eight low carb Mediterranean diet
as the name implied a Mediterranean diet
is a meal plan based on the traditional
foods prepared in countries like Italy
and Greece earlier in the 20th century
research has indicated that the
Mediterranean diet is considered
healthier than a typical diet of
Americans from the same time period and
the diet itself has been linked to both
weight loss and reduced chance of
diseases such as heart disease and
diabetes a Mediterranean diet limits
high carb foods such as grains and
instead of the usual staples of low carb
dieting we’ve come to recognize from
this list it emphasizes fatty fish over
red meat and olive oil instead of fats
like butter that reminds me as soon as
this video is done I need to go google
some recipes for a low-carb spanakopita
mmm feta kickin carbs to the curb isn’t
always easy but if you have the right
game plan for a low carb diet anything
is possible
do you already subscribe to any of these
diets we mentioned do you have any low
carb recipes or substitutions you want
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