7 ngày siết mỡ bụng + thực đơn | Ngày 3 | Workout #104 | Hana Giang Anh

7 ngày siết mỡ bụng + thực đơn | Ngày 3 | Workout #104 | Hana Giang Anh

August 21, 2019 100 By William Morgan

Hi! Welcome back to my channel
And, we have made it to the third day!

Meeting you again today proves that I have been able to raise your spirit up after the first two days, doesn’t it?
Though they were really tough
in terms of both workout and diet
As our bodies are getting familiar with these routines, we are surely getting much stronger
So, fighting everyone!
Just a little reminder for you guys with this fat-burning diet,
we will cut off all sugar and carbs in this 7 days
which makes our body consume all the sugar that is left and then gradually burn down all the fat in our body
After 7 days, we will gradually add carbs into our nutrition and come back to our daily CLEAN EATING diet
If you still want to burn more fat, just simple repeat this 7-day challenge to make it a 14-day challenge ^^

Today’s exercises are pretty similar to the previous two days’ with a total of 8 exercises
First one, Jack Tuck
Second one, Plank Crunches
Third one, Ice Skater
Fourth one, Side Plank
Fifth one, Butt Kick
Sixth one is Side Plank on the other side
Seventhly, Fast Kick with Arm Circle
Finally, Butterfly

Repeat these exercises for 4 rounds
Twenty seconds on, ten seconds off
1-minute break between rounds
And, let’s get started!

First one, Jack Tuck, start!
Open your legs wide

Plank Crunches
Start with Plank position
Lower your butt, hands are under shoulders, body is straight
Push your butt up, and down
Fast, fast, fast

Third one, Ice Skater
just like your do snow-skating
I’ll jump from side to side
and faster

Side Plank, the rough one is coming
We’re gonna do it out of the mat since it will save our wrists from suffering from injuries
Your fingers should be parallel with your body

Cross your legs together
Open your chest so that your body will form a straight line
Some of you might push your chest forward too much,
push it backward a bit instead so that your body will be like a line
Butt Kick
We’re gonna try to make your heels touch your butt while running
It’ll be a waste if your heels don’t reach your butt
Ready, go!

Back to Side Plank for the other side
OK, let’s stand your hands on the ground
Use your waist and push it up
until your can feel that your oblique muscles are squeezing
Avoid shaking your butt
It should only be pushed straight up

Next one
Kick with Arm Circle
We’re gonna circle our arms
Extend your arms

Next one, Butterfly
Lie down
Raise your legs straight up and extend your arms
Bend your knees
Hold them close to your chest


We have one-minute break
before the next round
Imma grab my water bottle

We’ve completed the first one which is just to warm up
We are coming to the second one
Try to drink lots of water during this one minute
Exercising everyday like this makes us much more energized, do you feel so?
As it stimulates your metabolism which improve our appetite
and also enhance our sleep
Getting ready for the second round?

Jack Tuck
Join your feet together

Plank Crunches
Set up plank position
and crunch
Body in a straight line

It’s a must to form a straight line as you lower your butt
Squeeze your core hard and press your belly button up
Pause firmly
and do it as fast as you can

Next, Ice Skater
Let’s skate
Look to both sides, further

Side Plank next
Throw our your chest

Butt Kick
Heels touch your bottom
Ready, go

Faster, faster
as fast as you could, your heels need to touch your butt

Side Plank, switching side
This takes quite an amount of time to set up so, let’s hit it right away

Ok, Kick with Arm Circle
Kick your legs up, circle your arms
Straighten your arms, don’t do it like this, there’s no use at all
Extend your arms to burn more calories
Fast, fast, fast
Bigger circles
The final exercise
Lie down, raise your legs and arms first
and, up
Hold your knees

Second round completed!
Good job!
Congratulation, for passing the first two rounds
We’re halfway through already
We would only feel tired on the first round since our body start getting familiar with the workout
From the second round on, the more vigorously we do it, the stronger we would feel
So, fighting everyone!
Two rounds already
So quick
Just like a blink of an eye
Ok, let’s try hard and drink more water

I personally prefer TABATA since its exercising time between two rests is shorter than HIIT
which make me feel like time is passing so quickly
HIIT really wears us out
While TABATA is not only super effective
but also more appropriate for beginners
The third round
What’s the first one? Do you remember?
It’s Jack Tuck
Jump and open our legs
Continuously and fast to the utmost

Plank Crunches
Straighten your body
Do it firmly and fast as you squeeze your core

Lower your butt deeper

Ice Skater
Imagine you are going to experience snow-skating
Act cool!
Smoothly like this ^^
Jump further on both sides
The further, the better
and further

Side Plank
Let’s go
Fingers are parallel to your body
The next-to-the-ground leg should stay behind, the other stay in front
Push your hips up
Stand your arms stronger on the floor
to create an opposite reaction

Butt Kick
Heels touch butt
Run fast and powerfully

Hit harder

Side Plank


Remember to loosen your elbows a bit to avoid any unexpected injuries

Leg Kick with Arm Circle
We’re coming to the end

Lie down and raise your legs
Don’t let your back arch, and go

One more round
The fourth round

Preparing for Jack Tuck
With this exercise, you should open your legs as wide as you could
and flex your muscles to do it faster
Last round is coming
I am trying really hard just like you to make it till the end
So, be determined, guys! Otherwise, you could not achieve anything
Be determined to finish even such little workout
Let’s overcome all the tiredness at the moment
Actually, our determination will decide whether we are tired or not
If you are really on fire, together with those motivative musics, you won’t feel tired at all
OK, ready!

Jack Tuck

Plank Crunches
Lower your bottom

Try to stand your arms straight under your shoulders
Don’t let them move forward

Ice Skater
Use your imagination to help you do this nicely
OK, let’s be elegant!
Artistic ice-skating
So on fire!

Side Plank
Stand your arms straight, extend your legs
Ready? Go!

Butt Kick
Oh, Latin music, good right?

Faster, faster
Faster everyone!
We are not walking to the market, do it faster!
We are young and have a lot of energy

Side Plank, switch side
Let’s do it

Next one
Leg Kick with Arm Circle
Sorry, Fast Kick

cause this is a cardio exercise, guys
Lower your shoulder, open your chest
Kick higher

The very last one!
Put all your current thinkings aside probably makes it easier to complete the workout, doesn’t it?
Finally, the last one


We have completed the third day’s workout
You guys are so amazing
I really appreciate your efforts
especially with any one whose physical state is not so good but did follow the whole workout without quitting
You guys must be really determined
This 7-day challenge is only recommended for anyone who has a lot of fat
I don’t recommend this series for any skinny-fat or muscle-building people
It would be more suitable for some one who is trying to burn a lot of fat
which means you gotta have lots of fat and strong enough to follow this whole 7-day series
But anyway, you know yourself best, so balancing and adjustment are totally needed as you feel so
If you feel that your body is changing, take each photo a day of your uncovered belly from the first till the seventh one
to see whether there is any difference after this challenge
If you successfully follow this series and reach your goal,
please share your feedback with me by posting it on facebook with #hanagianganh or #hanaeatclean
Anyway, congratulation for today!
And, that’s all for today
I’ll see you again tomorrow ^^
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Actually you must see me before from the first day of this series already
as you have together completed this third day with me
Ok, so see you tomorrow, byeeeee!