7 ngày siết mỡ bụng + thực đơn | Ngày 2 | Workout #103 | Hana Giang Anh

7 ngày siết mỡ bụng + thực đơn | Ngày 2 | Workout #103 | Hana Giang Anh

August 21, 2019 100 By William Morgan

Hello everybody
Welcome to Hana Giang Anh’s channel
I’m really glad to see you again on the second video in my “Ultimate 7-day fat burning challenge”

How was your first day?
Please let me know by commenting down below
Whether you got a sore abdomen, feel weary, got blood pressure lowered or even feel nothing at all after yesterday’s workout
or after following the diet, whether you got a digestive disorder or anything else,
Please, let me know immediately either on my Youtube channel or Facebook page “Hanna Giang Anh”
so that I could clarify your concerns and take care you guys each by each carefully
It’s time for the second day on this “7-day fat burning challenge”
In a minute, we will know what are today’s meals as well as workout routine
But before starting, I want to remind you again about fat-burning principles
so that you could understand properly what it works and what you need to do
Firstly, the fat-burning diet should be carried out from 1-2 weeks first
If you feel satisfied with the results after the first week,
you could increase the amount of sugar and carbs gradually in your diet after this week and finally EAT CLEAN again as usual
If you want to burn more fat and not yet satisfied, repeat this 7-day challenge for the second time
With this fat-burning diet, we should maintain carbs and sugar proportion to be at 5%
And we will cut off almost every sources of sugar and carbs,
therefore, even with sauces, please consider carefully its ingredients
You need to follow all the given workouts and planned meals 100% to maximize the effectiveness
which could reach up to 70% besides other decisive aspects
Similarly to the first day, today’s workouts are still HIIT and TABATA
There are eight of them in total
Firstly, Jump Rope
Secondly, Crunch Pulse
Thirdly, Mountain Climber
Fourthly, Lower Leg Lift
Fifthly, Jumping Jack
The sixth one is Side Leg Raises
Seventhly, Spinning
And lastly, it’s Walking Plank
All the cardio workouts are located on the odd number exercises to raise heart rate and burn fat
While all the abs workouts are located on the even number’s
to tone your external abdominal, core and oblique muscles
So, we got 8 exercises repeated 4 times
And also 1-min break in between exercises
I strongly recommend you to drink more water during the break
to stay hydrated and reduce tiredness
Lastly, remember to never give up and follow me from the start till the end
Try to do it fast without quitting for any single second in the 20 hardworking secs
Are you ready?
Today I’ll try to show you the techniques clearly
Oh and don’t worry too much, we’re not gonna be tired as yesterday since we are getting much better
Ok, let’s get started!
The first one is Jump Rope
If you have a physical rope, you could go for it, otherwise it’s totally fine using an imagined one like me

Loosen your knees

Heels are off the floor, only your forefeet should be on the floor

Done, next one, Crunch Pulse

Knees are either at 90-degree angle
or on the ground like this
Arms straight, clasp hands together
Lift your chest up

The next one is Mountain Climber
Hands are under shoulders, lower your butt,
your body should form a straight line and move quick
Bring your knees close to your chest and off the floor

Lower Leg Lift
Lie down, legs are straight and we are working for our lower abs

Bring your arms and legs close to the ground

And remember to always keep your back flattened on the floor

Jumping Jack is next
Ok, open your legs
Jump and clap your hands
as fast as you could

Side Leg Raise, ok watch me!
Legs are straight, hands are behind your backs
Up and down

Down, up and down

Next one is Spinning
We’re gonna do it super fast
like a wind, even couldn’t see our legs

Faster, faster!

Walking Plank is next

Start with a Plank position

Push your arms up, one at a time
Fix your butt, don’t move it
Arms are straight under your shouders

Recover for one minute
Let’s grab the water bottle
Here it is
Drink water, guys!
That’s just the first round
which is only for warm up purpose
We’re gonna sweat a lot in the second round
burn much more fat in the third one
and remove any fat left possibly in the last one
Are you ready for the next round?
Jump Rope first
Next time, you could get a real rope by spending only about 15k
or maybe a bit higher in some other places
But, still, it’s pretty cheap
We could stay more focus with a real one
I’m really sorry for forgetting to bring mine today
But I’ll try to concentrate with even the imaged one
Omg, I smell food from my neighborhood
It must be braised pork
Omg, why now?

Crunch Pulse
Lie down
Feet are on the ground
Clasp your hands together
Lift your chest up and press your chin down to it
Fix your head, don’t ever move it, only your core should move up and down
You could feel your core is getting really hard if you press your fingers here
We’re toning our upper abs

Mountain Climber, get up quickly
I’ll do it out of the mat cause it’s a bit unstable there

Bend your knees up to your chest

Lower Leg Lift

Fighting, girls!
Ok, Arms are up
Lower your legs close to the floor
you got your back curved while lowering your legs and arms,
you could do it like this, hands are behind your head
and only lower your legs

Jumping Jack
This is one of the easiest exercises
But it raise your hear rate dramatically
You have to do it as fast as I’m doing
If you do it slowly, it won’t work
Faster, until you couldn’t
Don’t do it like this
Clap your hands!
Side Leg Raise
Ok, lie down!
Leave your hands behind your backs and start!
Lift legs up
and down
and always off the floor

One of my most favorite exercises
Cause it challenges my running ability
Faster and fix your butt
Only pressing your forefeet down, heels are off the floor

Walking Plank
Ok, ready!

Legs straight
Squeeze your core

We’ve done the second one
Let’s have some more water
Heart starts beating faster, right?
My face is getting hot and so do my thighs
The third round is coming!
If you could make it till the end,
you’ll get much stronger
Do dare challenge yourself so that you could make a progress
Don’t quit
It’s just been the second round
Let’s go to the third one with me
Jump Rope
It might sound weird but i’m thinking about replacing the rope with an electric wire
cause they are both persistent, aren’t they?

Loosened Knees
Faster, faster!

Crunch Pulse
Legs are down on the floor, hands are clasped

Keep your body firmed
Don’t lean back

Mountain Climber, turn your body over

Our bodies should be fixed during this exercise, don’t move it
Squeeze your core
It benefits both your heart and your core

Lower Leg Lift

We should try our best to avoid letting your back arch while lowering our legs
Breathe out as you lift your legs upward and vice versa

Jumping Jack
i love the music
Faster, faster
and faster

Side Leg Raises

As fast as me
Lean back more


Fast as flash
until you can’t see your feet
Body fixed!

Walking Plank

Third round is over!
Only one left
Wow, I feel much faster in this second day
Do you agree?
I feel that my health is being strengthened
and I would make it till the end
The last one

Oh, 1 minute is pretty long, isn’t it?
Usually it is not this long when we feel exhausted
But today
I feel much better already
Ok, ready?
Starting with Jump Rope, everyone!
The final round
There is no excuse now for quitting this very last one, right?

Crunch Pulse
Ok, bend your upper body up
Fix your head
and start
Higher everyone

Wow, I kinda dislike this one
cause it’s so painful T.T
While doing Mountain Climber, throw your chests out
lengthen your backbones
so that it could tone your core muscles
Don’t bend your back

Lower Leg Raises
Music honestly would foster our spirit a lot
And, today, there is a really good chosen song
which is really enthusiastic

Jumping Jack
Fast, fast

Open your legs wide
Higher your arms

I hate this because of its heaviness

Fighting everybody!
For a slim and fat-free belly


The very last seconds, girls!

More and more

Ok, only stop when time’s up
Last one
Walking Plank


Yeah, we have overcome ourselves
How are you feeling right now?
You’d better be proud of yourself since we have finished the second day’s workout already
nearly a third of the challenge already
As I said, the first day is always the toughest one
But if you have managed to complete today’s exercises already,
you must have been trying really hard with such a strong spirit
And certainly, you will soon reach your goals
because you need nothing but will and courage to get in shape, right?
So, I’ll see you again tomorrow
Remember to check out my Youtube channel and follow the third day’s plan properly
Keep working without hesitation and interruption
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Bye and see ya