7 Keto Diet Complaints 2019 Update. Dr Berry Explains.

October 3, 2019 0 By William Morgan

hey this is dr. Barry in this short
video I want to talk to you about
something very important for people just
beginning the ketogenic way of eating
and that’s the top seven beginner
complaints on the ketogenic diet the top
seven side-effects that you might
experience temporarily when you start
the ketogenic way of eating now if you
know someone who’s just beginning to
start keto or the ketogenic diets then
please share this with them on their
social media send them an email send
them a private message with a link to
this video because this will help so
much so many people are starting now
it’s really starting to catch fire and
it makes me very happy
but if a new comer to this way of eating
has too much trouble up front they may
give up before they are able to reap the
wonderful benefits that we all know are
coming if you’ll just stick with the
ketogenic diet so please share this with
them so that they don’t give up before
they also get to reap the good benefits
that you and I have already may be
reached so let’s talk about the top
seven side-effects that people have with
the ketogenic way of eating now let me
tell you right up front the ketogenic
diet is a very natural diet it does not
cause any long-term vitamin mineral or
nutrient deficiencies there are some
gurus out there who will say that it
does and that you should take their
supplements which they happen to make
money off of I don’t think that any of
that’s necessary I don’t think you need
protein supplements collagen supplements
vitamin and mineral supplements long
term I don’t think you need any of the
keto products long-term at all none of
that stuff’s necessary to do a good
proper very rewarding ketogenic way of
eating okay but now for the first 1 to 4
weeks you may need some things and I’m
gonna go through the list of the top
seven complaints and I’m gonna tell you
what you can do to combat that so that
you don’t suffer very much from this way
of eating because the main thing that I
love about this way of eating is that
you don’t have to suffer if you do it
right okay now the most common by far
and I actually polled people on my
Facebook page you I don’t know if you’ve
been to my Facebook page but you can
check it out I have a ton of very
helpful health and ketogenic information
on my facebook chat page
number one is the keto flu now this is
not really the flu this is not
contagious at all it’s a combination of
two things that happen when you start
eating a good strict ketogenic diet it
doesn’t mean that the ketogenic diet is
bad for you it just means that your
body’s adjusting so there are two things
taking place first of all a lot of
people don’t realize and you may already
know this or you may not but we actually
have a sort of addiction to sugars and
carbs and simple carbohydrates and
starches they actually stimulate the
pleasure centers in our brain and
stimulate dopamine secretion just like
if you were addicted to some narcotic or
street drug you get the same kind of
dopamine release when you eat that that
bagel or that honey bun or that ice
cream cone that’s why we love it so much
and we call it comfort food right but
you’ve got to break that addiction
you’ve got to break that cycle and
that’s gonna hurt for a few days and so
if an alcoholic is trying to get off
alcohol and he’s having he’s not feeling
well than the last advice you would ever
give him is how you should take a shot
of whiskey right it’ll make you feel
well yeah short-term it would but that
doesn’t mean that he should do that
right he needs to stick with it until
he’s broke the alcohol addiction just
like you need to stick with it until you
broke the sugar and starch and simple
carbon diction so that’s one reason you
feel bad for a few days and the only
thing you can do about that is just
stick with it that’ll go away in a few
days okay the second thing that happens
is a lot is a lot of times when you
start the ketogenic way of eating your
body is very inflamed at the beginning
and so the ketogenic diet is very
uninflated and so almost immediately the
swelling from the inflammation in the
various parts of your body will start to
go down and that’s a very good thing you
want that but it also promotes a lot of
urination for a few days and a lot of
people will lose several pounds of body
weight and it’s not fat they’re losing
they’re losing the fluid but the way the
human kidney works is you’re gonna pee
out a lot of your electrolytes as well
your sodium potassium magnesium and if
you’re already borderline deficient in
magnesium as most
Americans are even before they come to
Quito then you’re gonna have some
problems and and so the way to fix the
Quito flu is to first of all stick with
it so you get past the sugar and starch
addiction secondly you need to replace
your your electrolytes by eating lots of
good unprocessed sea salt and then also
you may need new salt in USA LT which is
potassium chloride or light salt L ite
salt which is potassium chloride and
I’ll put a link down below so you know
exactly what I’m talking about there
those will replace your sodium your
potassium and then if you need some
magnesium as well a lot of people that
helps them get through the few days of
the keto flu as well now after a few
days after you’re over your keto flu you
know that’s not something you keep
getting as you do keto you but you you
get all the minerals and vitamins and
nutrients you need from the ketogenic
diet so you’re not always gonna have to
supplement those things okay that’s just
in the first few days or a few weeks
secondly is muscle cramps now like I
said earlier most Americans are
deficient in potassium and most people
don’t get enough are in magnesium I’m
sorry and then most people also don’t
get enough potassium either and so when
you come to the ketogenic way of eating
and you’re getting rid of the
inflammatory fluids and peeing out your
electrolytes temporarily then you may
have muscle cramps and the quickest and
easiest way to do that and fix that is
to get some magnesium and I’ve got links
on my Facebook page to the magnesium
supplements that we recommend you won’t
have to do that forever because the
ketogenic diets actually very rich in
magnesium if you’re eating it properly
but for the first few days you may need
that because you’re you’re coming to
keto deficient in magnesium and then the
second thing is the the products we
talked about just a second ago the new
salt or the light salt to get your
potassium and chloride and as you
increase your potassium intake and your
magnesium intake the cramps will go away
okay and that also is a short-term
problem with the ketogenic diet the next
thing is constipation I hear a lot of
people complain about that for the first
few weeks on keto and so there’s two
things going on
you come to keto from the standard
American or Standard Canadian UK Austria
way of eating your you’ve been eating a
ton of carbs right and so you’ve
basically selected four bacteria in your
gut that love carbs and what one of the
things you’re gonna have to break is
you’re gonna have to decrease the number
of carb loving bacteria in your gut and
increase the number of keto loving
bacteria and your good and so for the
first few days a few weeks you may have
some constipation okay if you do have
constipation there’s several things you
can do about that one is you need to get
a good quality probiotic from a health
food store okay you do not need to buy a
probiotic from one of the the big box
store store stores like China Mart those
are like there no you don’t want that
they’ve been on the shelf for months and
the warehouse for months there’s no
living bacteria in those there’s no way
that’s possible so don’t waste your
money there go to a good health food
store where you can trust the proprietor
and ask him about a good quality
probiotic and you’ll usually find those
in the refrigerator in the cooler and so
a good probiotic is going to help to
balance your gut bacteria and help the
constipation go away another thing you
can do is take a magnesium supplement
and if you’re having constipation you’ll
want to take magnesium citrate because
it tends to loosen up the bowel
movements and I’ll put a link down below
for that if you want to check that out
but that’s a great thing you can do and
always take your magnesium at bedtime
because it tends to help you sleep a
little bit too you wouldn’t want to take
that in the morning and then be sleepy
when you could have used that benefit at
bedtime that night right and then
another thing you can take that will
help with the constipation is a good
quality hopefully homemade bone broth
that actually really helps to calm down
the gut and help the gut adjust to the
ketogenic way of eating a lot faster the
next thing is related is diarrhea some
people don’t get constipation they get
diarrhea when they switch to keto and
especially someone without a gall
bladder or someone who’s had a gastric
bypass they may have a little extra
trouble with diarrhea just because they
can’t process as much fat as they’re
eating when they start keto that’s
temporary your usually your liver will
ramp up the bile production and then
you’ll be just fine
sometimes you’ll need to back off on the
fat for a few days if you have a lot of
diarrhea and you had one of those
conditions and they
slowly increase the fat so that your
liver has time to increase the
production also again the probiotics
come in very handy if you’re having to
diarrhea because you’re trying to
encourage keto loving bacteria and get
rid of the carb blubbers and so a good
quality probiotic from a health food
store will help that also again bone
broth will tend to calm the gut real
bone broth by the way I’m not talking
about the kind you get at the big-box
store at China Mart that’s not real bone
broth I’m talking about real homemade
bone broth and there are multiple
recipes on the internet that you can
google to find out about that now if you
have the diarrhea and you’re already
taking a magnesium supplement you may
need to decrease the amount of the
magnesium supplement because as we said
earlier magnesium will tend to loosen
your bowel movements the next thing is
fatigue so when you start eating teto
you’re gonna have the the diaeresis from
getting rid of all the inflammation that
means peeing off that extra fluid and
you’ll pay off your sodium your
potassium and magnesium and sometimes
that fit some people like very fatigued
and droopy and tired and again the way
you’re gonna fix that is by replacing
your electrolytes this is not a
permanent thing with the ketogenic diet
most people who’ve been keto for a while
will brag to you about how much energy
they have and so don’t think this is
permanent also you won’t have to take
these supplements forever but again
you’ll need this good unprocessed sea
salt you’ll need new salt or light salt
and then you might need some magnesium a
magnesium supplement and I’ll link to
those below now another complaint that I
hear and this is actually very rare but
I hear this sometimes and it worries me
a little bit is palpitations I feel my
heart beating really fast or really
strongly or it’s beating irregularly
right now this again is almost certainly
related to the shifts in potassium and
magnesium that you’re having but it
could also be a more worrisome medical
thing and I don’t think that the
ketogenic diet causes any worrisome
heart problems I think the ketogenic
diet is very good for your heart in
multiple ways but it may have uncovered
a pre-existing heart issue that you
aren’t aware of right and so if you have
you start Kido then you need to up your
potassium and you need to up your
magnesium like we talked about earlier
but you also need to go see your doctor
one time and let them check your heart
and make sure that there’s there wasn’t
a pre-existing heart condition that your
carb addiction and staying high on
sugars and starches all day kind of just
made you ignore right the next thing is
bloating a lot of people when they start
eating Whole Foods like the ketogenic
diet is made of their bodies like what
the heck is this I’m used to eating
process you know lots of processed carbs
what is all this whole food this green
stuff at this meat I’m not used to this
and so it can take a little minute
before your gut bacteria get used to
eating that you’ve got a you’ve got to
get rid of your carb loving bacteria and
get the keto loving and the meat loving
bacteria built up in your gut so that
they’ll know what to do with this new
way of eating that you’re that you’re
starting to do and so the two things
that will help with the bloating is just
give it time and then also a good
quality probiotic we talked about
earlier that will help with that a lot
and then also a good quality preferably
homemade bone broth will also help calm
your gut down and help to select for the
good keto loving bacteria so that this
will be a short little problem now
that’s the top seven complaints that I
hear people when they start keto that
they complain about and again I’ll tell
you the ketogenic diet is the most
nutritionally complete diet that I’ve
ever recommended as a doctor you will
have no vitamin or mineral deficiencies
once you have adapted to the ketogenic
way of eating so don’t think that there
are long term deficiencies or problems
from this diet there are not so now if
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