7  Fat Pumping Food Categories to Avoid  💥 The 7th is CARBOHYDRATES

7 Fat Pumping Food Categories to Avoid 💥 The 7th is CARBOHYDRATES

July 23, 2019 1 By William Morgan

Fat Burn Secrets: 7 MAJOR Fat-Pumping Food
Categories To Avoid.
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Now we’re going to see the 7th food category
to avoid, which is the following:
7. Carbohydrates
It’s not as if you have to go low-carb or
but you should still keep an eye on your carbohydrate
In fact there’s even a recommended daily allowance
set at 130 grams.
Why are too many carbs unhealthy?
Food high in carbohydrates will be digested
and tend to increase your blood sugar levels.
This causes a release of insulin, which produces
which gets stored in the body as fat.
They’re also responsible for making you feel
hungry again quickly,
and can lead to more eating and overeating
than would otherwise happen.
Here are some foods in this category:
– Bagels and Bread.
For a long time bagels were thought of as
a healthy way to start the day,
until the no-carb diet came along.
Now they are gaining popularity again, but
is it justified?
A plain bagel contains about 60 grams of carbohydrates,
and uses up 45% of your daily allowance.
Chances are when you’re having a bagel,
you’re not leaving it plain and are topping
it off with cream cheese, butter, jelly,
or making a breakfast sandwich with it, which
only makes it less healthy for you.
– Coffee Drinks
A cup of regular coffee won’t damage your
carb levels for the day,
but when you get all fancy you’re ultimately
creating a carb-infused cocktail.
A medium cappuccino will cost you 12 grams
of carbs, and a medium sized latte,
even with sugar-free syrup, still puts you
at 44 grams of carbohydrates,
almost insuring you’re going to go over your
daily budget.
– Movie Popcorn
No list of unhealthy food would be complete
without movie popcorn on it.
This can fit under many categories, including
too many calories,
too much saturated fat, too much MSG, trans-fat
from hydrogenated oil,
and that doesn’t even count the “butter” topping.
But aside from all of that it has plenty of
A large sized bucket has about 90 grams of
carbs in it, with that number varying by location.
– Pasta
Pasta is very high in carbs.
One cup of cooked pasta contains 43 grams
of carbs, while whole-wheat pasta contains
37 grams of carbs.
Noodles would be a nice substitute for pasta
in case you want to take care of the carbs
– Cereal
Many people eat Cereal for breakfast.
However, cereals contain usually a lot of
For example, just 1 cup of oats may provide
from 30 to 60 grams of carbs.
If you care about your carbs intake then you
have to consider the carbs you will get
by eating a bowl of cereal.
– Juice
Although fruit juice may be a healthy beverage
due to its nutrients,
in fact is one of the worst beverages when
you are in a low-carb diet.
Fruit juice causes your blood sugar to increase
Vegetable juice contains less carbs, but it
still has about 12 grams of carbs in a glass
(250 ml).
Juice may make you feel more hungry later.
There are also other food with high carbs,
so let’s see some of them briefly:
Beans, Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes, Beets,
Banana, Raisins, Mango,
Pear, Honey, Sugar, Maple syrup, Milk, Sweetened
Yogurt, Beer, Chips and Crackers.
So that was the 7th MAJOR FOOD CATEGORY to
Avoid when you want to lose weight.
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