5 Foods That Will Spike Your Insulin – 2019

October 13, 2019 0 By William Morgan

Hi and welcome back today I want to jump right in to the
topic and talk to you about the top
five things that will spike your insulin
and tha’ts not a good thing okay there are
multiple things that will spike your insulin level in your blood
but I want to talk about really the top five that you need to watch out
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five things that will spike your insulin
obviously the number one is very obvious and that’s carbs
okay sugar simple
simple starches any kind of carbohydrate
any grain any corn any
processed food that comes in a cardboard
box is probably going to spike your insulin
and you don’t want to include that in your diet if you’re trying to
achieve any kind of meaningful nutritional
ketosis okay
number two is too much
protein and this
surprises a lot of people they think protein is good
and a lot of people think if they’re going to follow
a low-carb
diet then that by definition means they’re going to be eating a high
protein diet and that’s just not true
if you eat too much protein
you will spike your insulin level and it will take you
out of intermittent fasting if you’re trying to intermittently fast
and it will also take you out of
nutritional ketosis if you ‘re trying to attein that
keep in mind that we’ve been
misled by many of the “authorities”
in the world about how much protein we need on a daily basis
your body
needs essential amino acids there is no doubt about
that but the total amount
of protein is very very often overestimated
when the
experts are trying to tell us how much protein we need a day so
watch out for too much protein the next is
things that are that sound very healthy but they
can spike your insulin that’s fruits
berries and overcooked vegetables
so let’s talk about each one if you eat a
a raw apple
that apple has sugar in it we all know that
it also has fiber in it which
slows down how quickly the sugar is released into your body
and so eating an apple is
is natural it’s healthy it’s good for you
but it’s also going to spike your insulin level a llittle bit
okay and that’s why
when you’re trying to achieve nutritional ketosis
then you need to watch out for too much fruit even if
it’s raw organic fresh fruit it’s still
going to spike your insulin because of the sugar contained in it
berries are the same way I love raspberries
and blueberries and I eat some
but when I’m trying to achieve nutritional
ketosis I have to leave them off or it will take me
out of ketosis okay now the last is over
cooked vegetables if you eat raw broccoli
the glycemic index of that is so low that it
it for many people it won’t even take them out of
ketosis and it’s one of the
the low glycemic index vegetables that it’s fine to eat
if you’re trying to stay in nutritional ketosis but if
you take that same broccoli and you cook it
all day long on the stove like your grandmother used to
remember that mushy broccoli and those Brussel sprouts that were just like
balls of mush
basically you’ve broken down all the fiber
and those things can actually turn into a starch if they’re over
cooked and spike your insulin level in your bloodstream so
don’t overcook your vetetables try to eat them raw
lightly steamed or lightly stir-fried
so that they still have a chew if not
crunch okay
and the next one is too much
bad stress and I have to differentiate
between good stress and bad stress because
in the beginning for most people they don’t get the difference
an example of bad stress would be working
for a boss who hates you in a job that you hate
and having to do that for five days a week
and just being miserable and anxious and
upset all the time that’s not a good stress
that’s going to actually
spike your cortisol
and your insulin levels and really mess up any
health benefits you’re trying to achive by changing your diet
an example of good stress is trying to
learn to juggle or trying to learn to play the piano
or trying to learn a new sport
or a new skill or a new hobby
those and you know playing pickup basketball with your friends
is stressful to your body but it’s the good stress because it
promotes rejuvenation regeneration and growth
it’s good for your brain because you’re laying down new
neural pathways that’s good stress
and in in my personal opinion running
long long distances like half marathons and full
marathons that’s
breakeven or maybe even bad stress that’s just too
much repetitive stress on your body
so watch out for bad stress
and get it out of your life I know from
where you’re at right now that may sound impossible
but you can do that okay the final one
and a lot of
lot of patients don’t know this and even a lot of doctors don’t
know this but there is a study done that
shows that not only is
there an insulin response when you swallow
sugars and starches and they get into your bloodstream
there’s something called a cephalic insulin response
and here’s how it works
in this study they took a group of
people on the left and a group of people on the right
the group on the left had sugar water the group on the right
had saccharine water both taste sweet
one has calories and one has no
calories at all now they didn’t make
the participants of this study drink the fluids they
just swish them in their mouth
for a set amount of time and then spit the liquid out
okay you got that they didn’t swallow it
so it didn’t make it to their stomach it didn’t even make it to their blood-
stream it wasn’t absorbed through the mucous
membranes in their mouth if you’re thinking that and that was a good thought if you were thinking
that but that’s not how it works either
those molecules are too big to be absorbed that way
this but both groups
had a spike in their insulin in their blood
eventhough they didn’t swallow the sweet liquid so the
number five is you’ve got to watch out for
things that taste sweet even if they’re
sugar-free calorie-free starch-free carbohydrate-free
if they taste sweet and you
and you drink to much of that it’s gonna spike your insulin
a little bit and that can take you out of nutritional ketosis
and that can take you out of your fast if you’re trying to fast
so here’s five things that you need to know
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