3 Keto Caramel Sauces  ٣ صلصات كراميل كيتو

3 Keto Caramel Sauces ٣ صلصات كراميل كيتو

August 8, 2019 24 By William Morgan

3 Keto Caramel Sauces
Salam. When I posted the Iced Caramel Latte I used a ready made sugar free caramel syrup
Many people asked about the caramel syrup I used and where to get it. Most do not have such syrups available in their country and wish they can get some
Even here in Kuwait it is not always available
Even an online order is not available to deliver in all countries
So today I’m going to make keto caramel sauces with ingredients that are available everywhere
This is going to be a great thing for caramel lovers
Today will make 3 caramel sauces. First one is a caramel syrup like the ones they use to make drinks in cafes
Second caramel sauce is going to be a thick sticky caramel sauce, just like butter scotch sauce
the third one is a salted caramel sauce
What is good about these sauces is that they are all SO delicious tastes like real things
Fast and easy to make with ingredients that are available everywhere
So, no caramel lover will feel deprived
This is how to make the caramel syrup
I’m going to make small portions, you can easily double the quantity as you like
In a pot add .. 1/3 cup of water + 1/3 cup of sweetener
I’m using steviana. You can use whatever sweetener you like. But keep in mind that some do crystallize after they cool
Now it’s on the stove to boil just until the sweetener is well dissolved
Now that the water looks clear means that all the sweetener is well dissolved and we can take it of the heat
Now this is just plain sweet water. It has no flavour what so ever
I’ve seen man y recipes on YouTUbe making caramel sauce byh using like erythritol or xylitol
If you cook those for a good time they will actually change in colour and give a light caramel colour
I tried doing so, it looks like caramel but tastes nothing like caramel. It’s a fail recipe
So what can we add here to give it a caramel flavour?
If I’d tell you to add caramel flavouring then I’ve achieved nothing since flavourings are not available everywhere
And I want this recipe to have simple ingredients that are available everywhere and no matter where you live you can make it
Now I’ll show you how you can add the caramel flavour to this syrup
Here I have dates molasses. Any molasses you have that tastes sweet. Date, grapes, carob, blackstrap molasses
But don’t use pomegranate since it has sourness taste
Just make sure is it a natural molasses without added sugars
Molasses in general have 14g of net cab in 1 tablespoon
1 table spoon= 3 teaspoons
So each teaspoon would have about 4.5g of net carb
But I won’t even use 1 teaspoon. I’m going to use a very very small amount of it
This is a teaspoon, I’m only going to dip the quarter of it in the molasses
I’m not even taking a quarter of a tsp. Just this dip is enugh
Now dissolve it in the syrup
This tiny tiny amount of molasses will give the syrup the colour and taste of caramel
Since molasses have a very close taste to caramel
See how such a tiny amount has changed the colour and there will be a nice caramel flavour too
This is a very sweet syrup. It isn’t a single serving portion. You can easily use this amount for 3 times
So due to the very small amount of molasses I’ve used, there will be no carb count for it
Now this syrup looks like caramel and tastes like caramel
Look how identical it looks to the ready made one. And believe me, it tastes even better
As you saw, the amount of was SO little
So, this entire patch of syrup may have 1/4 g of carb. which is nothing .. ng
So with such easy available ingredients, you can make this syrup wherever you live. No need for hard to get special ingredients
Now I’ll make the second caramel sauce
This one is going to be thick, gooey, sticky and rich. jujst like butter scotch sauce. and It tastes SO real
No one tasted this sauce and figured that it is a keto one. all thought it was real caramel
Very simple ingredients
In a pot add 20g of butter
And we need 1/3 cup of liquid cream + 1/3 cup of sweetener
Use any full fat liquid cream you like. And also use any sweetener you prefer just put in mind that some do crystallize
We also need some vanilla and salt
Now I’ll put this butter on the stove
This is a very crucial step for this sauce …
We want to brown the butter. what the french call ( beurre noisset ) means a butter with a hazelnut colour
The butter unlike ghee has some milk solids. The carmalization of gthese solids is what will give us the caramel taste
But please keep an eye on the butter coz it turn from yellow to brown withen a second
We need it take it of heat before it gets too brown. coz that’ll give it a burned bitter taste
if this happened to you, you have to get rid of the butter and start over. otherwise you’ll end up with a nasty bitter sauce
Now it started to change colour. You’ll see now how fast it’ll brown
Now that’s enough, I’ll take it of the heat
This step is very important … is to take the butter of the heat before adding the cream
If the butter is still on the heat and you add liquid to it, it’ll splash and foam up and that’s dangerous
But if you take it of the heat for just two seconds before adding any liquid to it, it’ll stay calm as you’ll see now
Now slowly add your cream, sweetener, half tsp of vanilla and a dash of salt
Mix and back on the heat to cook
The sweetener has dissolved but I’ll keep boiling it to make it thicker and it will get a bit darker too
Do this an a low heat
I cooked it for a minute more. You see how it got a bit darker and got thicker
That’s enough for it. I’ll take it of the heat now
Swirl it around to calm the sauce and the floam is all gone. Then pour it in a glass jar
After it cools it’s going to thicken up more and becomes nice and sticky and gooey
And it’s seriously delicious, just like the real one they use for filling chocolates
It’s a great recipe that makes a delicious sauce. |I’ll show you later the texture after it cools
Now I’ll make the salted caramel sauce
Exactly like the previous caramel sauce I’ve made but will add extra salt to it
20g butter, 1/3 cup liquid cream, 1/3 cup sweetener, vanilla, salt
Now I’ll brown the butter
When it’s nicely browned take it of the heat and add the rest of the in ingredients
Please be careful with this step. it’s very important to take the butter of the heat
A boiling butter and a cold liquid can be really dangerous
Now to make it a salted caramel, you need to add extra amount of salt to it
I’m adding a 1/2 tsp of salt. But this salt I find it very mild in taste so I needed all of this
please adjust the salt according to the salt you are using. you might need half of what I’ve used or even less, Mine is very mild
Now back on the heat, mix and let to boil
It boiled for 2-3 minues. looks good enough now
swirl to cool and remove foam then pour in a glass jar
It seriously tastes so good just like real caramel. it does not taste like a keto or a diet sauce at all !!!
After you pour your sauces in the jars, you keep them open until they are completely cooled then close the lid
We don’t want any moisture from the condensation to get to the sauce and might ruin it
the caramel i made 2 days ago. I left it on the shelf for one day and it kept nicely
Now it’s in the fridge and still very nice. Of course got thicker but it did not harden at all
This is the salted caramel, original caramel and the caramel syrup
Just a note please … Yes these are keto and yhou can use them
But please do not over use and not everyday
Keep your keto diet clean and healthy
Use such things when you are really craving it. Maybe once or twice a week
These things will help you not to get bored with keto or feel deprived. Will help you to stick to keto
Try your best to keep your keto clean with healthy for maximum affect
Personally I use such things but rarely. This caramel bottle I’ve had it for 10 months and it’s still third full
Make them, use them, enjoy them …. but please don’t over do it
Here are the sauces after they’ve cooled
This this the caramel syrup
This is the original caramel sauce. Check o0ut the texture!
And this is the salted caramel one
Hope you try them and like them
Bon Appetit