1st Attempt at fasting (8 days!) Scot’s RANT! Keto Diet – Metabolic approach to treating cancer.

October 22, 2019 0 By William Morgan

And I will fucked up was that last video anyway I was I’m singing
currently fasting
I’m gonna try this Kido Kido diet thing
I’m gonna post a video from the snake diet. It’s fucking crazy
This guy’s a fucking absolute lunatic, but you know what? Fuck it
I’m gonna give it a shot and worst thing that’s gonna happen is I’m gonna fast I’m gonna
gonna be able to
Do the Aikido thing and fuck, you know, people been fasting for what thousands of years. It’s usually been a
You know more of a spiritual thing
It’s never that’s a new evolution what’s worth it happens?
I’m gonna lose some weight, you know look better and fucking have abs again and might even shrink this motherfucking tumor
I’ll tell you there is some fucking groundbreaking research going on with
Dispelling this notion of cancer being a genetic disease
Sorry some asshole calling my phone
this cancer not being a genetic disease and the environmental factors that can lead to having cancer and the effect of
Glucose and
and all kinds other bullshit that I can’t really articulate right now because I’m just like learning it but I will will be a
cancer expert here soon enough and we’ll be bombarding the
Cyberspace with my newfound knowledge. Anyway, uh, thanks guys for all the support. I gotta go find some kids right now