1000 Calorie HIIT Workout – Cardio, Weights and Abs At Home Workout!

January 30, 2020 0 By William Morgan

I almost think there should be a rating scale on videos for how difficult It’s gonna be. Well, if I were rating today’s workout, it’s gonna be about a 9 or 10 out of 10. We’re doing a thousand calorie workout It’s coming up right now Good morning everyone, it’s Tracy here at Move Daily Fitness and on this channel We look at fitness wellness and nutrition but doing it in a way That’s sustainable for the long haul so if you’re new here and consider subscribing. Okay, today’s workout 1,000 calorie challenge I don’t know why I do things like that Okay, we are doing this. It’s a thousand calories today we’re gonna do a combination of resistance training cardio hiit, so high intensity interval cardio and ab workout all right? I’m gonna start doing a warm-up We’re gonna end with a cool-down and when you’re burning a thousand calories you have to work out for at least over an hour typically speaking you burn a hundred calories for every 10 minutes of work so again depending on your Intensity that so many calories you’re going to burn it’s gonna different for everyone I’ve got my Fitbit on and I’m gonna log actually how many calories I burn on this Fitbit So we’ll see if it is comparable with the thousand calories that I desire to burn today! All right, And if you want to get yourself a Fitbit like that so that you can keep track Go ahead and take a look at the show notes below There’s links to different things Different fit bits, different trackers that you can purchase down there because those are really super motivating you know when you reach your 10,000 steps, and it rings and buzzes you get that little reward well That’s kind of like getting a little hit of dopamine and that encourages me to Continue on and try to achieve it so next day as well all right well Let’s get this started because we’ve got a full hour plus of working out to do! I’m gonna start you with a warm up. Okay. We’re starting our warm-up here I just want you hinging forward on the side of a couch or something like that We’re just going to do a little hip stretch right here So hinging forward and letting that leg sweep forward and back All right, so a lot of legs today Want to make sure that they have warmed up all our joints and ligaments and ready to go also, switch sides here You will require some dumbbells for today’s workout, so go ahead and make sure that you have a variety of dumbbells ready for you We’re gonna do again on cardio hiit intervals so lots of jumping and hopping I’ll show you modifications for those as they come upon them, and then we are doing a lot of resistance training requiring our dumbbells So make sure you have those and then our abs all you’ll need is a mat for that. Alright, right there good Let’s move into some squats each shoulder width apart And down right here Just doing a nice quick 3 minute workout warm up here To get us going ready for this crazy 1000 calorie burner That’s a lot Well normally you know if you go to a gym Lots of times of classes a full hour and you can burn upwards of 600 calories in there So we are going to go over an hour today But again it depends on your intensity, so if you work at a lower impact intensity. Let’s widen the legs here for plie squat You’re gonna burn less calories, and it’s fine. I want you to go at your own pace Also super important that you stay hydrated throughout this hour Make sure that you stop for ample water breaks. I’m going to stop But I invite you to stop whatever you feel like you need to okay That is important All right five more seconds here And let’s just jog it over here a little skip modify with just a tap right there Okay 30 seconds of skipping We’ll start off a little bit lighter with the resistance as well, so Round 1. I’m going to do everything with no weight, and then we’ll incorporate our weights Good let’s move to some butt kicks here for our last 30 seconds and you can modify right here with no hop I did have a Really short little holiday hiit workout as my last one. So I thought that I would make this a little bit longer today as I Enjoy a nice Hearty workout at times. I think it’s good for us in three Two and one okay grab water we are ready to start. All right, we’re starting with a goblet squat with or without weight I’m just gonna take a lighter weight to start feet are shoulder width apart And we’re getting down nice and low for that squat here, so 45 seconds of work 15 seconds of rest and We are just going to cycle through a bunch of exercises That’s it reach your hips way back on this exercise Want to make sure that you are fully forward with those hips Powering your body up with a hip thrust. Okay, not a back move ten more seconds Alright That’s it there, setting those down. I’m gonna grab some lighter weights. I’ve got my 8’s here We’re gonna go into a curtsy lunge coming up All right alternating legs this can be done without weights, ready? Here we go okay, alternating curtsy remember with your curtsy body faces forward and The lunge is diagonal behind you That’s good All right, we’re gonna do a little combo move coming up Which is going to be a deadlift with an upright row. I’m gonna stick with my same eight for that one. I Think that’ll be a good weight for my upright row Again you can do it with light weights or no weights round one here Good ten seconds And time right there. Okay So if you’re going to hinge forward at the waist Stand and then row forty-five seconds of that and you’re going in four three Two here we go so hinge stand upright row good and Feel those hamstrings lengthening as you Descend right there and again, it’s a hip action the power of you back up to standing So reach your hips back Power them forward lift those dumbbells up for that upright row. Four seconds All right set those down back for a goblet squat. We’re repeating this So if you hadn’t lifted a weight the first time go ahead and grab a weight Hold the right front feet shoulder-width apart Get ready for the squat here. We are forty-five seconds So I try to get my elbows to come down and touch my knees on this move If you can’t get that far. That’s okay Go as far as you can of good form of course Remember you’re thinking of those knees externally rotating right so Think of them turning out Especially so they they don’t collapse in but that’s how you activate those glutes too right turn them out of the bottom But keep your feet facing forward That’s gonna activate those glute muscles All right good Back to our reverse lunge Our curtsy lunge holding weights Nice and tall get ready There we go alternating Trying to drop that back knee nice and low here You’re a carpet or a mat you can almost even touch the ground like that right As long as you stay upright The thing about a reverse lunge is the way that you avoid Your knee from going over your toe is you have to keep the upper body, totally upright so think of keeping your shoulders back and back straight Alright, Oh same weights deadlift to upright row coming up In four three two here we go hinge This is a good one to do in front of a mirror to make sure that your elbows are Coming higher than your hands Okay Sometimes people bring their elbows lower and their wrists are higher, and that’s Not the way to do this exercise And you’re doing more forearm work, right? You want to do front of shoulder little lateral shoulder on this one too medial delt Alright, that’s it there one more round and Then I got to take this off we’re getting warm all right back to goblets feet shoulder-width apart You’re ready start Power this up. Let’s go Halfway come on remember upper body stays upright don’t lean forward All right set that it down. I’m gonna break into that curtsy Get ready 15 seconds becomes not a lot of time to break alright here we go That’s it Get low. When you’re pushing back up you’re pushing through your heel not your tiptoe, okay, think about that Put your mind in your glutes as it powers forward there That mind-muscle connection is really important, okay stop Whoo! Deadlifts up right row, the last round here, and we’ll get away from legs for a second shoulders back ready Here we go hinge and row Reach those hips back Little side view just to show you how far I’m reaching my hips really far as though you’re about to sit down, and then you decide not to reach Couple more here Okay great grab water if you want, and we’re gonna move on to another weight circuit! Alright we’re moving on to the ground for another circuit of weights here. We’re gonna start with chest press so grab some heavy weight We’re gonna do a tricep overhead extension so a little lighter weight for that And then we’ll move on to some single side of the rear delt flyes alright so again lighter weight for that alright Let’s get started with that tricep chest press in three two Here we go arm is a super close to your body pushing straight up and down alright, you can lie your head down this can be done on a bench, a ball, a BOSU or the floor But your straight up and down Thinking about your triceps Pressing up to the ceiling Now I want your arm to come and brush by your side Alright, that’s how you focus on triceps if it starts to migrate out to the side you’re using a little bit more chest So I want to keep this super focused here straight up and down That’s it keep going one more All right grab some lighter weights again. I’ve got my 8 here and We’re gonna do overhead tricep extension So hold your weight nice straight arms and back right here one on each side of your head And press straight to the ceiling flex at the top right there. That’s it Now another your high rep range because it’s 45 seconds You’re likely doing far Above 12 reps so maybe at 12 I would lift 15 or 12 pounds here And I’m doing 20 reps. I want to keep it a little bit lighter. Just so I don’t totally burn out plus I’ve got an hour to go so I got to keep that in mind too. All right set those down Flip it, and we’re doing a single side, rear delt fly you’re going to be in a plank position Okay, and you’re gonna fly right like that. We’re gonna do 15 seconds or 40 22 seconds per side, sorry I’ll call halfway is what I mean! Alright right there. Twenty two and a half seconds I guess it is isn’t it for those mathematicians in the crowd good Now to modify this can be done through your knees, okay? Don’t have to be in the plank, but of course it makes it more difficult So if you can prop it out there do so all right switch sides We go nice plank rear delt fly retracting that shoulder blade here Just five more seconds All right, that’s good, let’s go back down to our tricep chest press Flip it over grab those weights straight up and down remember Ready and here we go You may slow down a bit that’s okay, try to keep the same weights for all three rounds if you can With minimal weight that’s it happens hey, your muscles start to compound, that fatigue starts to compound It gets harder Keep pushing four seconds Alright that’s it Set those down and go ahead and grab your medium weights for tricep extension Get ready arms are straight bending only at the elbows, here we go Flexing at the top watch your face on this please. Nice and controlled on the way down I had a client adjust a weight above her head today this morning. Oh my gosh! It almost fell and then we lived through the whole trauma, what would we have done had it fallen on her face, and there was a 25 pound of weight! So don’t adjust the weights over your face ladies The still makes you sick to think about it Alright you’re over halfway last ten seconds here keep pushing All right good flip it over. Let’s switch weights on my rear delt flye I’m going to go up a little bit Up to my eight pound instead of my five Just to get a little bit more difficult ready in three two plank position retreat, retract! Don’t retreat, retract! Retreat into your hole, no don’t do that! We’re working out come on stick with me Yeah, that’s harder Even just holding myself up, okay, switch sides, here we go Five more seconds Try to keep your hips facing the ground alright, that’s it last round Okay tricep chest In four three two here we go Now it’s getting hard Driving those hands to the ceiling. Let’s go push. This is your last one of these All right, here’s a break, that one lasted a long time. Okay, triceps, overhead extension Grabbing my eights here and three two here we go Triceps should be feeling very warm right now possibly a little burning. I know mine are. Remember you’re not getting any shoulder movement in this exercises just elbow, okay? You’re rotating at the shoulder a little bit, try to keep it as still as possible You shouldn’t be All right one for your fly and then moving on All right pop it up into the plank in four three two Here we go bum is down All right switch sides Five seconds four three Two one all right good Check that out. Moving on to a little back and bicep Okay, your next exercises three back and bi , maybe a little leg in here in cardio as well But we’re gonna do a compound exercise so anytime you use multiple muscles joints you utilize more calories to actually complete the action so you’re going to be on the ground you’re doing two plank jacks and row Row all right repeat that for 45 seconds next grab a little bit lighter weight You’re doing a plie squat – palms up bicep curl or like that and then we’ll do a bent over rear row right there We’re going narrow there working middle back muscles so wide back muscles on the standing row okay? Now that I can’t talk! Are you ready all right? Let’s do this in four three Two here we go two jacks row row one two Halfway Oh That’s hard holding yourself up there okay? Grab lighter weights let’s go for that plie Palms up nice and wide squat then curl ready Low and up, that’s it Shoulders back on this one stick your chest out Your half way Don’t let those palms swing at the bottom either wherever they land, That’s where you start So that you’re not using woo-hoo, swinging momentum, okay? We just want a nice controlled eccentric motion down and curl Last one okay, ok That compound exercises gets the heart rate up okay bent over row coming up Hinge forward at the waist elbows coming wide ready here you go now. Now see. I’m not bobbing. I’m totally stationary. You could do this a little heavier if you wanted I Have a tight back scapula on my right, so this is good for me, but Feel free! Remember you’re really only doing three rounds of this exercise 45 seconds that’s less than three minutes When you put it that way? It seems like you can do a little bit heavier Four seconds That adds up though doesn’t it whoa all right, 2 plank jacks and my renegade rows coming up again You’re ready in three – Jack, jack, row, row 20 seconds, keep going It’s hard to stay on your hands that long That’s hard, but I actually find it easier my wrists to go on dumbbells like that Wrists are weak as I’m getting older. Yours too? Nice and low on that plie curl and squeeze at the top Good, you’re halfway there keep control Three, two, time all right Just stretching a little bit here. Rear rows coming up, wide. Hinge forward at the waist, get ready and here we go Try not to bob on this one remember nice and neutral neck as well Squeeze at the top, half way This is hurting your back come up. Take a little stretch for a second go right back down Last one here all right, last round Get ready for that plank jack in four three two here we go two jacks Get that row up, nice and high come on! Pull up, retract, up Right It’s hard Little break All right last row grab your weights hinge forward ready nice flat back here Halfway 3, 2 and time okay Excellent ladies grab some water. You’ve been working for 30 minutes so far We’re moving to our cardio segment coming up right now All right, we’ve been at this for 30 minutes so far Let’s do another 30, but let’s hit some high intensity cardio intervals so again We’re working for 45 seconds you get a 15 second rest in between and we are just moving until it’s time to grab some water Okay I’m gonna show you modifications on all of these we’re starting with high knees you can modify right here alright here We go because I don’t want you to stop moving you can always do something even if it’s a low compact to move right So let’s get our knees up It was really knock this out of the park here girls That’s it high knees This is where we get that E.P.O.C. that excess post oxygen consumption where Your body has to work to repay the loss oxygen stores ok so then that means you’re burning calories up to three four five hours afterwards and rest So it’s very beneficial, okay? moving to some snowboarders, modify here, Turn to squat, otherwise. We’re jumping these out, and then I’ll give you an easy one ready Here we go so squat and turn Again at any point move into a squat turn with no jump These are gonna get hard Halfway through Ten seconds , keep going Oh and time shake it out good job Moving into ice skater with a hop modify here Okay, or here high knee Here high knee Otherwise you’re here. Hop ice skater, hop You got that? Well, it’s winter and all Might as well throw the snowboarders the ice skaters The ski jumps, and we’ll do those next Use your hands here – this is a little tippy All right, so cross-country skiers coming up modify here Just step touch back If you need to bring your heart rate down In three two here we go Opposite hand opposite leg skiing 20 seconds left Three, two and rest Okay good, just some skipping coming up so You can do this with the rope if you have on go ahead, but just a boxer shuffle in three Two and you’re here, but modify here with no hop there. This is one should bring your heart rate down a bit Got about four more minutes, and I’ll give you a really good break grab some water and such That’s it ten more seconds here In three two and rest Whoo good all right going back to high knees here Kick it up a little bit burn some calories ready and there we go again modify with this high knee instead Otherwise let’s get those up come on so only 30 seconds left Fifteen seconds In four three two all right Good some crossbody jacks So you’re going to crisscross Jack. To modify, just tapping that foot in front crossing the hands Get ready in three two here we go Cross feet cross hands Fifteen seconds , think I lost a shoelace here. In three two and time Whoo good job alright Moving into some squat jacks. Modify squat together squat otherwise Here we go low together low Halfway We’re gonna finish off this First ten minutes with some mountain climbers coming up And then a little water break, okay keep going Three two and time mountain climbers get down low Tap to modify, so you’ll be plank, tap in here Otherwise you’re running Three two here we go As I’ve said before anything over 20 seconds on a mountain climber is hard But we will persist! That’s way over. Halfway come on Less than 10, move, move, come on in five four three Two and one Okay Take a good water break and join me back. Do not leave come right back Okay starfish jump coming up Or you can just do a regular jumping jack where you do modified jumping Jack right here, otherwise We’re going to get it low and jumping higher right in three Two one here, we go so you’re low, up, low high Whoo Break if you need, that’s hard Holy burn Five seconds Oh That was hard, okay? little lightheaded from that I’m going to just go into a regular lower skip here Modify this skip here, no impact Otherwise skip it out here we go! Single leg hop coming up so it’s kinda like a stationary runner reach back behind me Alright, and we’ll switch halfway through Two more seconds on this boxer shuffle Three two All right So to modify you’re here Okay, otherwise. We’re jumping that up And I’ll call halfway, get ready in three two Here we go little jump right there, come on, drive the hands They can help you Whoo, this one burns the leg too,I’m not lying All right switch sides up let’s go That’s it three two and rest. Climb the ladder coming up Okay, we’re going to reach hand and this is your modified version here. It’s like a high knee With the hands – otherwise we’re running it ready And here we go Legs up come on Halfway Keep it flowing you got ten seconds All right 1,2,3 hop coming up one two three one two three Modify by one two, high knee. Okay, right there ready go 1 2 3 1 2 3 That’s it stay down now Three seconds Five three two one Butt kicks Coming up so a little recovery Otherwise you’re here. Okay squat kick back ready Here we go Halfway Doing good everyone 10 seconds go go 3 2 1 Seal Jax Ok so that sets basic jumping jack hands in front modify here alright in three Two here we go 20 seconds Four three two one Whoo these are compiling aren’t they?You’ve got about 2 1/2 minutes left till break, so let’s move into a Full butt kick ready here, we go just keep that butt there. That’s it a little Easier these ones butt kicks skipping Come on keep pushing ten seconds And time okay moving to The side we’re gonna do a little split squat jump 22 seconds per side split position You can do this without the jump to modify Otherwise you’re up here Little hop does not have to be big to be effective Stay tall in your upper body there All right switch legs moving quickly here we go Burning! five seconds Oblique frog squat coming up. Modify right here, otherwise you’re jumping Touch the ground if you can drop your butt Halfway Remember it’s a squat. Legs are burning but squat them. This is your last before break! One more one more. Oh, it’s hard. Okay. Get some water take a little break, and we’ll resume Okay, I hope you had a good break, I took about three-seconds, uh three minutes okay tabletop position here Here we go this is your modified version okay, otherwise. We’re going to pop it up alternating leg So I wanted to keep that tabletop though, so you’re really firing glutes here That’s it Oh Alternating, kick it up Whoo, this is hard eh? Five seconds All right stay down here Oh Dying is hard. Okay, crab position, alternating toe touch Modify by just lifting, otherwise we’re gonna lift hand in foot and touch go on let’s do it Another compound exercise Wow!.We’ve got shoulders, abs, hip flexers lot going on here And my hand just landed on some dog food max Ten seconds One more, okay, up we go let’s skip a little bit bring heart rates down slightly It’s hard, have I said that? yeah ready and there we go Now so let’s give boxer shuffle whatever kind of skip you like Modify by step touch All right Sticking with our winter theme. We’re gonna do some skiers coming up so we can pretend like you guys there’s a line down on the floor, and we’re hopping side to side All right Anyone else feel their water jostling in their guts right now? Three two and rest okay so You can modify like an ice skater hard to modify a double foot jump except for just to a step otherwise We’re skate jumping side to side ski jumping, ready here we go Yeah, that’s kinda fun, right Actually, it’s very breezy in my hair. I like it Keep those feet together Okay We’re gonna do a squat jump with four high knees Modify was a squat one two three four okay. That’s your modification otherwise your jumping, ready? so squat jump one two three four jump one two three four One two three four Five seconds last jump. Okay, that’s hard Okay front kicks right here So modify right here with a straight leg front kick Otherwise we’re running it out Here we go That’s it , doing good, 25 seconds! Five seconds Breather cardio kicks coming up modify those right here Okay, reach those hands up too, get that heart rate up a bit by putting that hand up We’re ready ready here we go Little medial glute action on this one Well my stomach is sloshing so much on this guy it’s funny 20 seconds Three two All right a ski ski squat coming up modify ski ski squat Otherwise we’ll run those Oh Can’t wait for abs said no one ever! Ready here we go Ski. Ski squat, ski skis squat Lookin good halfway Oh Last one we’re gonna do a squat jump Okay squat to modify Regular spot to modify their jumping otherwise Losing my words and so tired Let’s go The last 45 seconds come on ladies push hard Wooo! Squat it out if you need a little reprieve for a second Get back to it as soon as you can Come on Five seconds now Holy okay, we’ve been at this for an hour grab some water and join me for ABS Okay, it’s time to bring our heart rates down and work our core Let’s start off with a basic 90-degree crunch laser 90 degrees hands behind the head here we go same format with that 45 seconds on 15 seconds of break but now we don’t have to go fast okay because Concentrating flexing and squeezing those ABS is going to give you a great benefit as well, right Sometimes we go for speed sometimes you go slow and controlled Time under tension right so you can always switch that up Good flex to the top make sure you’re just supporting your head with your hands here Bringing your chest chin to the ceiling All right stretch that out for a second Little break here, let’s go to a Russian twist so sitting nice and tall Modify this by keeping your feet on the floor otherwise legs are off And of course if you want to grab a weight right here you can but after 10 minutes of abs I think this action alone for me will be enough Good Yeah see already Take a break if you need this isn’t about hurting yourself right it’s both challenging what you can do and Sticking with it for the long haul so if you get injured then it’s not going to work very well so stay within your abilities but challenge! It’s a fine line all right last five seconds Three two and one Oh Got to flip this over and get off my butt all right plank position We’re going to do a plank hip drop this can be done from the knees to modify right here Otherwise you’re in a forearm/toe plank, and we’re dropping ready here we go Good oblique one hey? Feeling that in the obliques! Fifteen seconds left Three two Stretch that out. We’re going to flip over again All right on your back. Let’s go elbows Hey alternating heel drop so you’re on your elbows legs at 90 degrees and Drop that heel alternating heel drop That’s it I That was a hard workout hey? That cardio is killer. I liked the weight part For me that was fine, although it faster pace than I would maybe do at the gym just Because you didn’t break within that three circuit set Nice flat back, continue, break if you need. Okay, hip-hop’s coming up in three two and rest alright lie on your back and Underneath your bottom, and we’re going to pop those feet to the ceiling here Ready Straight up You don’t want to go behind you you want to work the lower Abdominal wall there pop them straight to the ceiling Little side plank coming up Oh Okay, let’s move to that side plank So you can modify this with the leg behind ok, like that or the leg in front like that or both knees bent like that all right, otherwise you’re up on your toes Ready here. We go. I’m going to call it half way. We’ll switch So twenty two seconds per side here Looks good Almost there We really feel it in those obliques, let’s quickly move to switch it other side and pop it up. Let’s go Right into it And second Moving to hands and knees next in three two and rest all right hands and knees You go to put one hand behind your head you’re gonna reach to the opposite elbow and then we’re gonna extend up 22 seconds per side ready and Here we go reach and up good stretch to That’s it one more the side all right and switch reach in and rotate We’re gonna do a forearm plank reach out coming up So elbows and toes and forearms and toes This can be done from the knees to modify or reach touch right like this, otherwise you’re up from your toes in four Three two here we go touch try not to shift your weight under your hips here It’s very easy to do to shift your weight isn’t it kind of automatically we want to do that Oh It’s hard okay That’s good Alternating salute up on your hands. Oh, sorry I want you to plank walk out come up into your hands and toes we’re walking forward and back Modified from your knees like this otherwise your forward forward back back reach I’m alternating lead arms here Six seconds I’ll get you up your arms in three two and time up Killer last one ladies, okay? Let’s do a v sit pulse leaning back Modifier with legs on the floor otherwise lift them up lean back stay super tall pulse right here Last one, holy we’re done. We have burned a thousand calories. Oh I’ll be interested to see what my Fitbit says I know it’s gonna say It’s way lower than a thousand But again depending on your intensity for every 10 minutes of work you can burn between 100 and 150 calories for 10 minutes, so If you’re working on a low intensity, it’s gonna be less if you work hard you’re gonna burn more so I Think we’ve been at it for about a minute, oh sorry, an hour and 10 to 15 minutes So that will definitely Be up in that category Okay, great job. Let’s stretch All right, let’s just stretch up those ABS by lying down on the ground bring your hands above your head That’s it take a deep breath in here. That was hard whoo good job All right go ahead and grab your knees. I want you to do a little Rolling up lower back just to release some of that tension back there. Just roll it around gently. That’s good Okay, let’s take one leg and we’re going to cross it all the way across the body right here Open up your arm. So you’re stretching the chest stretching gluts and giving yourself a little torso stretch. There as well I Just hold that there oh All right moving to the other side bring that leg up and let it fall all the way over oh tightness for me here Everyone has a side that’s kind of tender than the other right I went for a massage the other day for some deep tissue because I’ve got my my rear right side scapula so tight is just causing me grief and It’s it’s good while you get it done, but it sure is painful after I just feel like that whole area is bruised now, but Things like that foam rolling doing your tiny little stretches going to regular massage or just doing regular Small muscle group stretches are really important of course. They’re tedious, and so that’s why we often don’t get them done, but okay Let’s stretch one leg oh and hinge forward at the waist Undo our shoes while we’re down here Good all right taking a look at my Fitbit and It says Are you oh that steps 5,000 steps and? oh Fitbit you sit on a throne of lies!. I’m sure it’s more than 793 calories! You know what like I said, it’s often wrong via sometimes, I’ll be working out at like a high intensity I feel my heart rates probably at 150, and I look down and says 109… And that’s why I’m linking you to Fitbit in the description below because it works so well Hey, the good thing about the Fitbit. I know to be fair. I’m not wearing the heart rate monitor right now That really is more concise when you when you wear the whole package and enter all of your information Your your age your birth date. You know sex and all those sorts of things but It’s a good indicator. It really does help you to be mindful And that’s one of the things about sticking with fitness For a lifetime is that you’ve got to keep it in your consciousness You’ve got to keep it at the forefront of your mind to move daily so having a Fitbit or a tracker of some sort Helps you to be mindful of that. It’s just like remember Oprah’s gratitude Journal, and that was a really big thing it worked because You were mindful about looking for things to be grateful for So you saw more things in your life to be grateful for because it was in your consciousness So I want you to think about exercise that same way If it’s in your consciousness if you’re considering that every day I want to hit 10,000 steps on my Fitbit then Chances of you getting there are going to be far greater right so so that’s why it’s really beneficial to have a tracker like that It helps you set your intentions for that day for that For the morning and to make sure that you get that in so I know a lot of people in their office spaces You know will go for a walk at lunch Or do the stairs at lunch because they want to get their 10,000 steps I have one client who’s a realtor and she says some days if she’s not showing houses she sits in the office And she gets home, and she’s has 2,000 steps on her tracker and she’s like that is just not acceptable so then she goes down to her treadmill and Does a little running him and is able to get her steps in so it’s a good idea To just have something like that to keep you motivated all right. Well you did great today everyone Maybe we burned a thousand calories. We’re sure up there anyway I congratulate you for joining me on this great task this great holiday hit alright If you enjoyed this video be sure to give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe because then every Wednesday and Saturday You’re gonna get a workout into your inbox and again. It’s motivation. It’s right there in front of you, and it says hey you Chicko need to move daily and And hopefully then you’ll just follow suit and do it all right now you go and move daily!