January 24, 2020 100 By William Morgan

Hi, guys. Welcome back to my channel. In today’s
video I’m going to be sharing with you some hacks for sick kids. I’ve made a video like
this in the past and you guys liked it so much that I’m back again with another ten
hacks. In today’s video, they are going to be hacks that focus on preventing your kids
getting coughs and colds, how to keep bugs at bay, and just a few tips that I’ve learned
since becoming a mom. I will say before I get started that I’m obviously not a doctor,
I am just an experienced mom, but all of these hacks have really worked for me and my family
and I hope you like them. My first hack is a bit obvious, but also so
important, and that is for your kids to wash their hands. It’s estimated that 80% of infection
is spread via hands, so it’s so important that they wash them before meals, after they
use the toilet, after they sneeze, et cetera. One way that we encourage our kids to wash
their hands is to get hand soap that they love. You can get it in all different characters.
We actually found this one the other day. It’s a little R2-D2, and it even makes a noise
when you use it. Yeah. So not only do you know that they’ve washed their hands because
you can hear it in the other room, but they get a real kick out of it. You can also get
hand soap that smells like sweets. You can get it in strawberry laces or bubble gum as
well, and our kids really like using that. It’s also important that they wash their hands
for long enough. A little hack that we do is to sing a nursery rhyme, or you can sing
Happy Birthday twice, and that is about 20 seconds long. There’s just a bit more to it
than just standing there and washing their hands. You can sing along Happy Birthday with
them and it will make sure that they really wash them for long enough and get all of those
germs off. (singing) To keep bugs at bay, it’s also important that
your children’s immune system is as healthy as it can be. You can help them with this
by giving them a healthy balanced meal and getting them to eat as much fruit and veg
as they possibly can, and play outdoors as well for some vitamin D. But in the UK, sunlight
infused vitamin D is only effective from April to September, so during the autumn and winter
months it’s really a good idea to give your children a multivitamin. It’s actually government
recommended that children from five and up have a multivitamin just to give them enough
vitamin D for their growing bones and teeth, and also help their immune system as well. For years, we’ve given the boys a Haliborange
multivitamin every single morning as part of their routine. It’s a part of their routine
that they really look forward to. These ones here are the calcium and vitamin D softies,
and our children love the taste of them. They will remind me if I forget to put it out in
the morning. It’s just a great way to top off the kids’ diet, especially if you have
a fussy eater. It gives me that peace of mind to just know that they’ve had some calcium
and vitamin D for the day, which helps to support growing bones, healthy teeth, and
also boosts their immune system. Haliborange have actually sponsored this video, but if
you look back on my older videos throughout the years, you will see Haliborange within
them. If you’re interested, I will put some links down below so you can go ahead and find
out some more or purchase them yourselves. The links are in the description. My next one is a cleaning hack and one that
I do when I’m trying to prevent sickness from spreading. All you have to do is get yourself
a disinfectant spray which kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and then run around your
home cleaning all of the high touch surfaces. That’s things like doorknobs, toilet flushes,
cupboard doors, light switches, lamps, anything that people touch a lot of. It will just help
to keep those germs at bay. I’d also recommend washing toys like bath toys and plush toys
as well. You can put most plush toys into the washing machine. Of course, check the
label before you do this. I find that bath toys can be washed in the washing machine,
or even better, in the dishwasher. When I wash toys like this, I like to wash them on
a slightly hotter wash. My next hack is from a viewer who’s also a
doctor. She commented this on my last sick kid hacks video. She says that if you pick
your child up from nursery or school and they seem unwell, maybe like they’re coming down
with something, getting a temperature, then when you get them home, make sure that you
change their clothes and give them a bath as well. Viruses and germs can actually live
on your clothes and continue to infect you. We are a family of five, and when one of us
gets sick, it’s like a ticking time bomb waiting for who is going to get sick next. There’s
a couple of precautions that you can take when someone does get sick. Make sure no one
is sharing any bedding or towels as well. We actually have personalized towels for the
boys so that we can keep track of who is using what towel. If you have two babies in nappies,
it’s also important that you use different changing stations or different changing mats,
or maybe just put a towel over the changing area if one of the children is ill. My next one is a simple one, but it really
does work. When I was pregnant, I had a really bad cold and sore throat. When I went to the
pharmacy, all that they said I could have was maybe some paracetamol, but they recommended
that I mix lemon and honey in warm water or hot water. This is something that you can
do for your kids as well. It doesn’t sound like that would do anything, but honey and
lemon are two very powerful ingredients with so many health benefits. It will help to flush
out toxins and also soothe their throat. Another home remedy if you have a very sore
throat is to have jelly or you can also make up a hot jelly drink. If you get jelly in
powder form, boil the kettle and fill up a cup with it, and then just add a little bit
of the jelly powder into the hot water, it coats your throat and it helps so much. I
know this might be higher in sugar, but it really, really does work, so give it a try. The next hack I discovered when my eldest
had croup. Fraser used to get croup quite often when he was about three or four years
old. He seemed really susceptible to it. One thing that would really help him when he was
very congested was to go into the bathroom and to make it steamy. Whether we were playing
on the floor of the bathroom and making it steamy by having a hot shower just running,
or if I would run a hot bath and he would happily play in the bath with toys, it would
just help to loosen up the mucus and help him to breathe easier. If you have a very
small baby, this might be something that you could do as well. Just go into the bathroom,
run a hot shower, and just kind of stand near the shower so that the steam is coming out
and it will just help to loosen them up. My next hack is one if your child is suffering
from a sickness bug. In my last video, I talked about using puppy pads next to your children’s
bed if they are suffering with sickness. But if they do miss the puppy pad and they do
end up vomiting on the carpet, one thing you can do once you’ve cleaned up the majority
is to spread over baking soda generously onto the stain. Leave it there for an hour or two
before hoovering it up. This will really help with the smell and help to soak up some of
the moisture. All right, so that’s it for this video. Thank
you so much for watching, and if you have any other tips on how to cope with sick children,
please put them in the comments down below for everyone else to read. Thank you so much
for Haliborange for working with me on this video. I will see you in my next one. Bye,