10 Costco Best Selling Food Items That Will Shock You

August 31, 2019 0 By William Morgan

Costco run huh with over 90 million
customers flocking in and out of
Costco’s doors on a yearly basis Costco
knows how to keep their customers happy
they also have a loyal fan base of
customers that depend on the stores low
priced bulk items so let’s get out that
shopping cart and fill it with 10 and
Costco’s best selling food and drink
Costco’s remembers only pizza when
thinking of pizza it’s usually the most
famous pizza restaurants that come to
mind think of chains like Pizza Hut
Domino’s and Little Caesars
unfortunately the pizza from Costco may
not be getting the recognition that it
on average Costco brings in roughly 1
billion dollars in sales from their food
court products and their pizza is a fan
favorite first of all the pizzas are
massive whether you are looking to
indulge in a slice or the whole pie you
can guarantee that your stomach will be
full and your wallet will not be empty
I’m so full customers love Costco pizza
not only because of the cheap price but
because it is delicious
Costco realizes what is important when
it comes to satisfying any pizza lover
the toppings opening your box of
delivery pizza and finding out there are
hardly any toppings on it can be a
dissatisfying experience Costco ensures
that every pizza made has the same
amount of cheese toppings and sauce
every time this is because they use a
pizza making robot how cool is that they
can also guarantee that you will get a
fresh hot pizza every single time each
pizza cooks for 6 minutes in a conveyor
belt oven which guarantees that it cooks
properly the trusted employees serving
up the pizza keep a good eye on the
slices and will discard any pizza that
does not sell within an hour after it is
made taking a trip to Costco vanilla and
ice cream consumers love shopping at
Costco because they can buy quality
items in bulk and for a fraction of the
price compared to local grocery stores
items can range from exercise equipment
to pet supplies and even gas for your
car Costco is home to the famous
Kirkland Signature brand which
customers have grown to love many
Baker’s love buying vanilla from Costco
because you can get a lot of bang for
your buck in some Costco stores you can
get 16 ounces for roughly $35 this large
amount of vanilla can last the average
household a very long time not only is
vanilla a huge favorite of Costco lovers
but their vanilla ice cream is as well
the best ice cream in the multiverse
Kirkland brand sells a half gallon tub
of vanilla ice cream for roughly $11 it
is a popular item and has a very full
and dense texture that consumers love
Kirkland vanilla ice cream trumps even
the most popular competitors like briars
and Baskin Robbins at Costco sometimes
the quality of a product can make or
break your recipe especially when it
comes to Bakey every little detail
counts so it is highly recommended to
buy a bottle of this sensational vanilla
if needed for the next recipe you bake
up and at the same time you might as
well pick up one of those ice cream tubs
I’m gonna go eat a bucket of ice cream
fresh fruit and vegetables at Costco
hmmm fruit Costco has a massive
selection of fresh produce within their
stores that consumers flock to on a
regular basis fruits and veggies are
great to get from Costco when you are
preparing for an event there are
pre-made platters already for you to
pick up and put out on the table
hassle-free the variety of products that
Costco displays can entice any customer
to want to choose the healthier they’re
household the fruit and vegetable
section is bright and colorful Costco
also provides a large variety of frozen
fruits and vegetables as well the
average household may not finish a large
quantity of fruits and vegetables before
they go bad therefore frozen fruits and
vegetables is a good idea whether frozen
or fresh Costco is a great place to look
for your next healthy bites good for
healthy lifestyle fruits and veggies can
sometimes be a tricky buy if you do not
like the item you purchase you can
return it with no problem whatsoever
Costco gladly takes back items that are
not up to customer satisfaction no
questions asked
this hassle-free customer service is a
huge reason why customers choose Costco
over many other grocery stores when
returning items there is no big scene
nor is the customer questioning if they
will get their money back treating
customers well is a huge part of why
Costco is a very successful business a
huge success casco cheese cheese
Costco really knows how to slice it
right when it comes to serving up some
of the best cheese there is there is a
massive variety of cheese in different
portion sizes and for minimal cost
there are also some cheese types that
cannot be found in most stores making
Costco the go-to spot for buying your
cheese the great thing about Costco is
that it is a great place to shop when it
comes to getting food for get-togethers
and events you can get a large quantity
of cheese for your next backyard
barbeque or even get fancy with a
quality cheese spread for a bridal
fancy some cheeses that will make you
salivate include Yancy’s fancy smoked
gouda for roughly $10 per pound this
cheese has a smoky taste and is a great
ingredient to add the next time you make
mac and cheese
Kirkland also makes some amazing cheese
including a singie French brie which
sells for roughly $6 per pound it is a
double cream that is very buttery and
will melt perfectly on the next baguette
you spread it on so say cheese next time
you’re at Costco because the cheese
lovers will be smiling the Costco
hotdogs and Soda combo when you have
finished your shopping at Costco you can
take a load off and recharge your
batteries at the in-house restaurant
Costco serves up some of the best fast
food and has a cult following when it
comes to their hotdogs the famous hot
dog & Soda combination will cost you a
mere dollar 50 and leave you satisfied
the all-beef dogs are made in-house and
are steamed
love the high quality of the Kirkland
brand and the fact that they do not
contain a bunch of mystery ingredients
there are no additives or questionable
chemicals loaded in the dogs that’s
the consumer can feel safe chowing down
on this classic meal this popular item
sells like crazy but actually does not
bring in the big bucks for Costco in
fact the company actually loses money
each year by selling this combo but they
choose to keep providing it for other
reasons feeding the family for cheap
helps people justify the cost of a
yearly Costco membership or when buying
big-ticket items these inexpensive and
quick meals are a great life saver
especially on days when you need not
only a tasty treats but a full belly for
cheap hope you brought your Costco card
kirkland bacon yeah I see bacon some
people cannot get enough of the guilty
pleasure that is bacon there are many
different ways to incorporate bacon into
your meals and Costco is the place to
purchase this item the Kirkland brand
actually got an excellent rating from
Consumer Reports the brand ranked number
one in comparison to other contenders
proving that this bacon satisfies
consumers Consumer Reports noted that
Kirkland bacon was crispy and had a hint
of wood smoke and sweetness selling for
$12.99 for four packages this item flies
off the shelves consistently it’s big
seller this best seller comes in many
varieties and they are all high in
quality and low on price you can buy
bacon crumbles low-sodium bacon as well
as maple bacon if you want to change
things up a bit one of the best things
about Kirkland bacon is that it is also
gluten free having items that cater to
the many people who have dietary
restrictions is a plus when it comes to
where people choose to buy their
groceries Costco knows what it is doing
and it shows with consumer praise and
good sales as their Costco brand Costco
pet food
welcome to Costco we all love our furry
friends and want the best of the best
when it comes to feeding our loving pets
Costco serves up some of the best
quality animal food and obsessed owner
can find the store hooks you up when it
comes to any need an animal might have
from beds to toys so it’s no wonder that
a lot of thought went into what type of
food they would sell for their customers
pets Kirkland makes a huge variety of
wet and dry food for dogs with flavors
like salmon and sweet potato as well as
lamb rice and vegetable you can get a
large quantity of pet food which makes
your life easier I’ve made my life so
much easier I not having to schlep to
the store every week to restock if you
have a pet you know what it’s like to
get home and have those puppy eyes
staring at you asking where’s dinner
human pet food bag sizes can range from
20 to 40 pounds the highest price you
will pay for a 30 pound bag is roughly
$42 and around $27 for a 20 pound bag
they even have organic and grain free
options for your pooch Costco dog food
will leave any pup with a wagging tail
and a clean plate Kirkland vodka vodka
Costco makes sure to provide the very
best food and drink to their loyal
customers their drinks are not just your
average Cola and fruit juice they also
specialize in adult beverages as well
Costco scores a homerun when it comes to
the alcohol that they are serving up
bartenders moms in need of a stiff drink
and your local event planner all look to
Costco for their next bottle they do not
just serve wine and beer like most
convenience stores but they also supply
hard liquor which satisfies their fan
base just what I needed the Kirkland
brand has made some great spirits at a
low cost and yes in large quantities one
of the most popular sellers is Kirkland
vodka selling 1.5 liters for under $20
this alcohol is a steal compared to
other brand names that are double the
price for the same amount
it is great to find an inexpensive vodka
but will the low quality leave you with
a headache that feels like it will never
go away
Kirkland vodka is distilled six times
resulting in a very smooth taste it is
recommended that it be served mixed and
on ice versus taken as a shooter vodka
rocks please
casco sheet cake everybody loves a
Costco sheet cake sheet cakes are one of
the best things to happen ever
they are huge inexpensive tasty and have
become a great go-to for every type of
event you can think of that would
require a cake and really shouldn’t
every event require a cake Costco sells
some sheet cakes that can feed up to 48
people for under 20 bucks think about
how expensive some items from a fancy
bakery can be it is crazy are the
products from the fancy bakery really
much better than sheet cake I don’t
think so birthday parties or family
get-togethers can come with a hefty
price tag once you add up the cost of
decorations food location rentals and
yes cake the expensive cakes from fancy
bakeries are often very small and
purchasing only one will not feed all
the guests at your average party keep
things simple and delicious and choose
to buy your next cake from Costco you
can write whatever you would like on it
and they often come with frosted flowers
or balloons already on them pear this
cake up with some of that Costco vanilla
ice cream and bone Appetit what are you
a sheet cake tosco rotisserie chicken
will buy you a Costco rotisserie chicken
in 2017
Costco sold it reported 87 million
rotisserie chickens now that is a lot of
chicken with no preservatives MSG
artificial flavors or colors costco
guarantees high quality chickens for
their customers they even refused to
sell any chicken that has been left
under a heating lamp for longer than two
hours you can purchase a three pound
chicken ready-to-eat for a mere $4.99
this is another reason why this item is
a definite best
it’s just the possibilities are endless
when it comes to what you can do with a
ready-to-eat rotisserie chicken you can
make chicken sandwiches put it in a
salad and it’s a soup or simply just eat
it as is this is an item that’s great
for families or the person on the go who
has no time for meal prep or at the time
to slave over a hot stove making supper
after a hard day’s work this item will
definitely not be going anywhere and can
most certainly be considered a fan
favorite so I’m going to Costco we’ve
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