012 – How To Stay Keto While Eating Out

October 4, 2019 0 By William Morgan

Hey, it’s Rocky Black from DailyKetoChef.com.
Have you ever been nervous about going out
for a dinner with friends? I don’t blame
you! Most restaurants these days aren’t
Keto friendly. So here are 4 tips I recommend
you to do if you want to go out with friends
and stick to your weight-loss goals at the
same time. First – Check the menu of the restaurant
you’re heading at online in advance. Search
for some keto-friendly meals. Second tip – usually
in a general restaurant, just get a salad
with chicken, beef or tuna and hold off on
the dressing. Third tip – if eating at an
Italian restaurant, get the antipasto platter
or salad. Fourth tip – If eating at a fast-food
restaurant, order the burger but ask them
to keep the bun and replace it with extra
salad. This is just for you to start thinking
like this. In almost any restaurant there
is a keto option with some little extra work.
So basically, the secret to staying Keto while
eating out is to be prepared ahead of time.
Hope this helps. If you want more powerful
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