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September 27, 2019 0 By William Morgan

Hello friends! how are you?. I’m a little more excited today
because we’re going to make a inspired in the famous
Spanish paella recipe, of course this recipe
doesn’t replace the exquisite and wonderful
Spanish Paella, I remember when I went
to Spain I tried in Valencia the
original Spanish Paella, very tasty,
so I ask you please don’t go
to crucify when you see how this recipe is made, this recipe
is low-carb and keto, inspired by the famous and
Delicious Spanish Paella, please be kind
with your comments, this recipe was given to me by a Spanish friend, and I’m
giving it my personal touch,
I hope you like it very much and very soon
I encourage you to make it, it’s delicious,
even I was surprised at me
again as exquisite as it is,
This recipe is also the most requested
on the channel, so if you’re from one of
those people,
here you have it, especially for
all my friends as well
Let’s see how this low-carb paella is made!
start by removing the stem of the
cauliflower with a knife
getting only the flowers,
process half of the cauliflower in the
food processor to the lowest
power by approximately 20 to 30
seconds until you get the look
of rice
transfer the “rice” to a
bowl and repeat the same
procedure with the other half,
cut a medium onion into small cubes
cut a red bell pepper in medium rectangles
remove the seeds
now cut it into strips and then
throw them in half to turn them into
medium rectangles; do the sam procedure
now cut it into three more parts to create smaller rectangles from them
proceed to cut the chorizo ​​into slices
ends by cubing the boneless and skinless chicken thighs
crush 2 garlic cloves
Place the cubed chicken in the frying pan
opt: 1 tablespoon olive oil
and cook for 5 minutes, stirring to ensure nothing burns.
then removing from the pan
lightly brown the cubes pancetta
and the chorizo ​​for 5 minutes
approximately each
remove from pan
cook the shrimp with your head and
3 to 4 minutes per side
Remove as soon as they have been cooked
add the onion to the same pan
sweet peppers, garlic,
a pinch of salt
and paprika,
mix these ingredients
add half of the chicken broth
the White wine,
and cherry tomatoes
cover the pan and leave them on the fire
about 5 minutes,
until you see the onion and peppers
began to be soft
finally incorporate the “rice” and mix
add the remaining chicken broth, the
pancetta, chorizo
and the chicken thighs
mixing again
cover and increase the heat, 5 minutes later, add the
mix lightly leaving the paella
for another 5 minutes on fire
until you see that the rice is soft,
begins to stick at the bottom of the
pan and the liquid has been consumed
before serving add the prawns
on the paella and some parsley leaves
to decorate
Now some options you can use for this
Paella, so you can also give it your own
I recommend that you process the cauliflower
20-30 seconds maximum
to make it more similar to the traditional rice
I’m using in this recipe 1 tsp of turmeric to give it that
yellow color very
characteristic of the paella, but if you
prefer, you can sustitude by saffron
boiling 1/2 tsp. with chicken broth for
a few minutes until the saffron releases
the yellow color, you can also make
a seafood paella, adding
squids, mussels, clams, prawns and dice fish
I suggest that the prawns
are big so they will look
prettier in your paella or can you
add smaller ones with more quantity,
you can replace the green bell pepper with
a few peas as well,
you can add the latin touch by
add ing some chili flakes, serve with
a slice of yellow lemon to
give it the Spanish touch, the pancetta is similar to the bacon,
you can replace it with bacon or
sausage as well
you can substitute the chorizo by sausage,
also as the traditional rice
traditional, if you over cook it
the cauliflower rice is going to
whisk, so I suggest you to not
over mix or over cook
It has a very pretty color,
a vibrant color, as I told you before,
This is a paella inspired by the
famous and traditional Spanish Paella
Serve the paella with a slice of lemon and some parsley leaves
to decorate, let’s
try it!
It’s delicious, spectacular!
it’s a mixture of so many
flavors that when you have them in your mouth
aromas and flavors come out
making it spectacular! Let’s
make it, it’s very tasty and an excellent option if you don’t want
to consume all the carbohydrates that
are in the rice, when you take the picture
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