September 19, 2019 0 By William Morgan

– Wild, wild afternoon.
Mama out on the town.
I went to some appointments
with a good friend of mine today,
and I still have the day.
So, of course I’ve got
my work bag with me,
but that’s no fun.
I’m going into this thrift store.
It is amazing.
It’s Booksavers of Virginia.
I get so many awesome chapter books there,
but we’re not just doing that.
We’re gonna also get to Sharp Shopper,
maybe even to another thrift store too.
And I’m gonna drop in to visit
with another good friend of mine.
If I’m out and you’re
my friend in real life,
you’re seeing me.
What I’m trying to do though here
at Booksavers of Virginia
is I have this other friend.
I really do.
She’s not made up,
and she has started her own
private Christian school,
and they are in need
of great chapter books
just to help build their school library.
So I told her I’d make a list of books.
I figured I could go in here
and maybe get her a good deal on a stack
to add to their school library
and get it going.
So I’m gonna do that.
Let’s get in here now and look at books.
That’s what’s important.
Books first.
More friends and Sharp
Shopper deals to come.
So many books.
I’m stuck in the science
section right now.
And you can see my cart is a fillin’,
but some of that’s for
my home library too.
Woo, like I need more, but I do.
Look at that, a book on flies.
(soft guitar music)
Cart full of books.
So that was wonderful.
I’m leaving with three boxes of books.
Nothing new here, nothing to see.
So loaded down boxes and
that picture that I got
and then this big box all loaded up.
Cute purse I got for Naomi.
We’re gonna go visit a friend now
and go to Sharp Shopper,
and then I’ll get home
and I’ll show you everything book by book.
Now look at this.
This is what I was watching.
Where is your bagel?
Pretty good.
– Here’s my bagel.
– Yeah.
(Jamerrill chuckles)
And what we’re doing for dinner tonight–
Little Daniel and little Amelia.
So that was just for fun.
That was back when I was
like in my first year
of trying out this YouTube thing.
I may not have another season
where five of our children are
ages seven or six and under.
It’s just a different season.
I made it to Sharp Shopper.
Gabbed with my friend for
a good hour and a half.
Sharp Shopper’s got 35 minutes left.
All I need is 15 minutes in there.
I can load up on good stuff.
Some Fruity Hoots.
And we’ll get some Apple Hoots too.
So we’re having some good
success in here right now.
Okay, guys.
I almost need a second cart,
but I’m trying to just stick with one.
We did it.
Managed to get it all
back into this one cart.
So now we’re finally gonna get home
and see everything I got today.
It’s not the night I got home.
It’s the morning after.
A full cup of coffee in hand.
And just like that, distracted.
Out here heating up my coffee.
So before I share the Sharp Shopper haul,
I gotta tell a little timeline,
because because because.
My Sharp Shopper hauls,
they can cause quite a stir.
And let me tell you though,
Sharp Shopper is such a
blessing to my family.
Why do they cause a stir?
Well, you saw some of the things I got.
When I show you what I got,
this is not grass fed, grass
finished cow beef steaks,
which I also buy.
This is not organic, holistic,
pure and holy fruit and vegetables,
but I also have those delivered now.
We’re trying that out for now,
and that’s going really well.
Yes, yes.
This is quick, easy
convenience snacks and treats,
and some things I’ll use
in some meals that I cook.
Mostly, this is fast, quick
and in a hurry kid food.
A lot of this is gonna
be gone within two weeks.
Sometimes I go to Sharp
Shopper every four weeks.
Sometimes it’ll be six,
eight or even 12 weeks
before I’m able to get back again.
If you are new here,
Sharp Shopper is a grocery outlet
in Virginia and Pennsylvania.
Let me tell you,
if you are on a tight budget,
Sharp Shopper is a blessing.
Back when I used to feed
when our family was a family of seven,
and our kids were ages 10 and under
and I had a 250 to $300 budget.
And it wasn’t that long ago,
I shopped at Sharp Shopper first.
I stretched my grocery
budget as far as I could,
and then I filled in with
the things I couldn’t get
just a little bit at Walmart,
and I was able to feed my
family very inexpensively.
So we’ve got six boxes of cereal.
We’ve got Fruity Hoots.
These were 99 cents.
Again, it’s not really here.
We got Apple Hoots,
and then we got Puffed Wheat.
All 99 cents, all of this.
And what are we saying?
It’s gonna be gone in a week,
but we can say two weeks if we want.
Then these jello Snack Packs, 99 cents.
You know these are three
or more dollars at Walmart.
These are another thing.
These are like at least
a dollar more at Walmart.
These Snack Packs of jello.
We’ve got strawberry and orange.
I got six boxes of these.
Just as an example today,
we have friends coming over.
So the kids I’m sure
for quick snacks are
gonna have some jello,
maybe even some chocolate
dipped granola bars.
But I’m also gonna film today.
I’m making a huge stock pot
of homemade, pure and
holy vegetable beef soup.
It’s gonna be fantastic,
and it’s also freezer friendly.
So it’s a balance, right?
Yes and amen.
Then we have ooh la la,
Big Slice Hot Jalapeno Cheese
Slices for $1.49 a pack.
I got five of these.
Then they had a bunch of
different deli meats and such.
These are great for salads,
and honestly, I was here
eating some as my breakfast.
This is the Carving Board
Southwestern Seasoned
Chicken Breast Strips, $1.19.
The dates on these are September 10th.
Again, the day I’m filming
this is September 7th.
So I’m sure we’ll eat a
few over the next few days.
I’m gonna throw the rest in the freezer.
I’ll use ’em quick on salads or whatever.
It’ll work out just fine.
Smithfield Back Forest Ham.
The date on this is September 24th.
I mean these two packs of ham,
this might be like two lunches.
Okay, then, date on this
turkey breast, September 12th.
So these we will use up sooner,
probably then the Black Forest Ham.
I love having little cans
of mandarin oranges around,
and so, these are dated for November,
69 cents each, already gone.
I only got one box of these,
because granola bars can be the devil,
and I can find myself eating granola bars.
So I only got one to start,
’cause again, tons of
other snacks for kids.
But treat, treat, treat.
So $2.99, 34 bars.
Can’t find that anywhere.
October 16th.
Again, already gone.
We were out of mayonnaise,
so this mayonnaise was $1.99.
It’s kind of an average price,
but if I’m there and I need it.
Oh, then also, and this
is dated for January,
I got two big things of
baked beans for 2.99.
We have baked beans very rarely,
and so I thought, “My goodness,
“we should have some baked beans.”
So I’ll probably do more
like beanie weenies,
where I dump both of these
in my big eight quart slow cooker.
Do a bunch of hot dogs cut up in there
and let it cook all day,
and we’ll have beanie weenies for a dinner
or a lunch or two.
Got another thing of Himalayan salt.
Then this is another thing,
like this is truly gone by tomorrow I bet.
Remember, this is getting passed down
by seven kids who are still at home.
So it might equal two cups
per kid over 48 hours.
See that’s the kind of the
math breakdown I have to do.
Two for a dollar, dated September 17th.
Now, these were my big,
excited, like I’m shaking
and hearts are coming out
of my eyes type of deal,
and I let the kids have
these for breakfast.
Now, when I get these at Walmart,
a case of the YoCrunch like
this with eight is like 5.49.
So I got the cases for $1.99.
That makes ’em 25 cents a yogurt.
We have a variety in here.
The kids had two boxes of ’em.
One box already got taken out, I think,
unless that’s it.
Okay, nope I’m wrong.
Two boxes here.
So I got 12 cases, but
I’m gonna open ’em up
and show you all the fun
varieties that we got.
Oreo, Twix, Snickers.
So I think that those
are the three flavors.
Let’s see.
We got another Snickers.
I didn’t know what all the
flavors were last night.
I was looking through
and seeing the toppings.
I thought honestly it could have even been
like the strawberry
yogurt with the granola.
Another Snickers.
But too bad, kids.
Your mom found candy bar yogurt
marked down at Sharp Shopper.
Apparently a whole lot of Snickers.
So this has been sitting out,
but I’m gonna use one of
these in my soup today.
This is the Jimmy Dean sausage.
Let me see here.
It was 5.49.
These are eight something when I buy ’em.
I think the eight something
is for the two pound.
These are three pounds.
So three pounds for 5.49,
and at Walmart it’s like eight
something for two pounds.
So when Sharp Shopper has these,
I’ll always get a couple,
throw ’em in the freezer.
I use them for anything.
In place of ground beef, it’s fantastic.
So yay.
Another treat for my kids.
These are Charms Mini Pops.
Yeah, love ’em.
I only got one box of crackers,
but again, we’re back in our
home school routine right now.
Home school group’s coming.
Lots of fun fields trips coming up
actually here in a few days.
So these are so great for the car.
This is, look, 45 for 6.99.
Now, if you were at a convenience store,
these would at least be
50 cents if not a dollar,
depending on where you are.
So having a big case of these on hand.
Oh yeah, get yourself a freezer PB&J.
Get yourself an apple and a banana
and a bottle of water.
I mean, you’re good to go.
So these are great.
Then, toaster waffles.
I could almost sing that.
♪ Toaster waffles ♪
$1.49 for a big box of 24.
99 cents for the cinnamon.
I would have gotten more of the 24,
but I got the last two that I saw.
Hot dogs, that goes along
with the baked beans
for beanie weenies, and these were 2.99.
And there’s 30 in each.
That’s really good, even
though it’s hot dogs.
We haven’t had hot dogs in awhile,
but we’ll use ’em.
Friends are a-coming.
Need to get this stuff put away
and get all these books out.
So if you remember,
I went into Gift and Thrift.
That’s what it is.
It has Booksavers of Virginia.
I went in there, because
a friend of mine who has,
it’s a small Christian school,
and I think this year it’s
still under 10 students.
In a lot of ways, it’s
similar to a home school
or the heart of homeschooling.
All that to say, I’ve been
collecting books for awhile.
So when my friend asked me
for some recommendations
for some books for her
kiddos in her school
and their various ages,
instead of me making her a list,
I thought, “You know what?
“I could go into Gift and Thrift
“and I could get them a
collection to get going.”
So here’s a look at the whole table.
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
Entire “Little House on
the Prairie” collection.
Yes, got it all.
They actually had three sets there.
(sighs) Big sigh.
We are they there?
People need to read these.
So anyway, they were 95 cents a book.
I buy the whole collection.
I bought it a couple times on Amazon.
It’s down there.
My other set, boy I don’t
know what happened to it.
I think I bought a new
set two or so years ago.
Got the “Narnia” set on there too.
We read ’em till they fall apart.
Anyway, so I got them “Little
House of the Big Woods,”
“Little House on the
Prairie,” “Farmer Boy,”
“On the Banks of Plum Creek,”
“By the Shores of Silver Lake,”
“The Long Winter,” “Little
Town on the Prairie,”
“These Happy Golden Years,”
and “The First Four Years.”
Now, out of all the books,
“The First Four Years” is
interesting information.
It’s insightful.
It doesn’t read the same
as all of the other books,
and that’s because I’m sure
that “The First Four Years,”
there’s all kinds of
fun little Laura facts
you can look up online,
but “The First Four Years” I
believe if I remember right,
this was a manuscript that she had
just all of her notes
kinda thought dumped out.
But it doesn’t flow
as if she would’ve
actually finished the book
like her other ones.
It’s still good information
if you’re a die hard “Little
House on the Prairie” fan.
So I got them just a mix of
different excellent books
that I found.
We got “The Glorious Flight.”
We also have Jean Fritz.
Basically any of her books
are excellent historical books
from my experience, and
we have a copy of this.
We have a book on Clara Barton,
“Benjamin Franklin,” “Treasure Island.”
We have “The Wright Brothers.”
We have “Caddie Woodlawn,”
“Dear Dr. Bell…Your
Friend, Helen Keller,”
and a lot of these this was their copy
and then there’s a copy for my own family.
So several of these there’s doubles of.
“Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”
always a good book.
I got a copy for us.
I think there’s a part one and part two.
We have one of ’em, but I
don’t think the original.
Then I got two of these “My
Name Is America” journals.
We’ve got a Civil War
Union soldier journal,
and then we have an
internment camp journal.
And I read another book
about the internment camps
not that long ago.
Anyway, so yes, we have
hard things in history,
and we discuss them.
We have “My Brother Sam is Dead,”
and this is from Revolutionary Wartime.
I feel like I already have a copy of this
in my library.
I’m looking here.
We are going to do an
American history sweep.
I was trying to do pre-Pilgrims
all the way through.
May take us several years. (laughs)
I don’t know.
But I thought I had “My
Brother Sam Is Dead,”
and I think that may have
been on my Amazon list.
These are not perfectly organized,
but I was shoving them on here,
getting my thought process
started with these.
And if you wanted to know
some titles I’ve got.
Yeah, so I don’t see “My
Brother Sam Is Dead.”
All that to say, I bought a copy of this
for their collection and for ours.
“Anne of Green Gables,”
they should have a copy of this,
They can have that one,
because I know we’ve got at
least two other copies of it.
I go through my bookshelves
a few times a year,
and I will find maybe
three to five doubles.
And if so, then I just list
’em in my homeschool group
or give ’em to friends
building their own libraries.
We have “Great Escapes of World War II.”
That looked interesting.
We have these “Sneaky Science Tricks.”
We already have some
books from this series.
Yeah, we’ve got “Sneaky
Uses for Everyday Things,”
the first three, the first three there.
I don’t have the last three,
but I thought this would just be good
to add to their library.
“Because of Winn-Dixie” hearts up my eyes.
Love it.
We have a copy of this already.
“Around the World in Eighty Days.”
And now, some of these I get,
because I’ll just say they’re
watered down classics.
But they’re on the different
reading levels for the kids.
So I got their library one and one for us.
“The Story of My Life” by Helen Keller.
Now, I have several Helen Keller books,
but I don’t have her actual autobiography,
and that is what this is.
So I got a copy for their
library, a copy for ours.
A copy of “Robinson Crusoe.”
But yes, also an “Illustrated Classic.”
These are so good for kids
building their reading confidence.
Same thing, junior
classic of “Little Women,”
so they don’t have to
fumble around so much.
They can still enjoy the
story and have pictures.
Sorry, I’m just totally
leaning over my table.
A book on map and mapping,
a book on Davy Crockett.
And then, I actually picked those up
with my kiddos in mind,
and then I thought, “Well, no.
“This might be good to share
for their library, as well.”
So we have a book on American colonies
and a book on the new American nation.
We’ve got stories, games and activities.
And again, it was so excellent I thought,
“Now Jamerrill, don’t be a pig.
“Let’s share.”
So I’m gonna pass those on to them.
And I will still probably
go through my shelves
and find a few more.
I don’t wanna overwhelm.
So that’s the other thing.
I’m already giving them a ton of books.
They’re already a school.
They already have a ton of books.
But if you ask me for book recommendations
and I’m going to the thrift store,
I’m gonna get a bunch of books.
So this is what you get.
So then, yeah, I didn’t
need any more books,
but here we go.
I always need more books.
I thought this was, gotta move coffee,
“Death of the Iron Horse.”
I thought this looked very interesting.
Then, we have “Illustrated
Classics” for my own library.
Now actually, this one
I’m going to put over here
in my friend’s stack,
because I knew we had a
copy of “The Jungle Book.”
Couldn’t find it, and when
I was looking I did find it.
So that’s that.
But I’m gonna put “Treasure Island,”
“20,000 Leagues Under the
Sea,” and “Little Women” here
for some of my kids that this’ll be good
for just their reading encouragement.
Some of these I’ve already shown you.
Then that’s what I like.
This thrift store has double copies
and triple, and they’ll have 10.
This is another for my collection
of my Gary Paulsen’s books.
I don’t have “Brian’s Hunt.”
I’m trying to see.
Let’s go see which ones I have.
Well, I’ve got “Lawn Boy.”
We have, of course, “Hatchet.”
We have “Brian’s Return.”
We have “The Winter Room.”
I might have them all now.
I’ll have to look up,
but every time I see one I get another,
because I like Gary Paulsen as a writer.
Not related to books, this
was a scripture print I got.
“Because thy loving kindness
is better than life,
“my lips shall praise thee.
“Thus will I bless thee while I live.
“I will lift up my hands in
thy name,” Psalms 63:3-4.
I also got Naomi, I just
thought this was so cute,
and it just looks like
almost 13-year-old girl.
This was two whole dollars.
It also looks like someone’s
homemade sewing project.
I thought she would appreciate it.
Speaking of which, over here you’ll see
I got kids their own individual stacks,
and then I got stacks just for
our home library in general.
Naomi is getting more into poetry.
So I just looked through
this scholastic guide,
and I thought it gave some good tips
and it would be good
for us to read through
and for her to work through.
I also got her the
“Complete Book of Drawing.”
And then, this was really cool.
It was a book on the oldest
known paintings in the world,
and I looked through it yesterday.
It was not $10, but looked
through it yesterday,
and it talked about where they found them.
It was a cave in France.
How they got down in there,
and then just the different, neat,
I mean so creative
paintings that they found.
I thought the kids
would really enjoy that.
And then, for Liam’s stack,
he got a book on vampire
bats, always interesting.
A book on wolves, a book on raccoons,
and a book on plants that bite back.
Then for Gabriel’s stack,
he got some dinosaur books,
a book on flies.
He was asking me about
flies the other day,
and this one has,
let’s see here, just all
kinds of fly experiments
and fly facts.
So there you go, kid.
Read a book on flies.
He draws a lot of dinosaurs.
So I thought, especially this book,
I thought the anatomy and such
of how it could of all worked,
worked within their bodies
would be good for his drawing.
And then, here’s another one.
So that’s my Gabriel stack.
And then, “The War of 1812.”
I don’t think I have any
books on the War of 1812.
So I thought this would
be a good one to have
at least something in our
collection that we own on it.
This was about Lewis and Clark.
And then Eric Carle.
So of course, we all know
“The Hungry Caterpillar.”
I think that’s the only book of his I own
or have owned.
I think it’s long since disintegrated,
because we’ve read it so much.
So I got a collection of four of his books
that they had there.
The kids are gonna be
so excited with these.
So some of these up here
are for Miss Amelia.
We have “Eloise.”
We have a “Pinkalicious.”
We have “Girls Will Be Girls.”
It’s got seven stories in it.
The “Red Fox and the Canoe” looked good.
We’ve got some more for our
“Dr. Seuss” part of our shelves.
“Dr. Seuss’s Book of Animals,”
“I Wish That I Had Duck Feet.”
And then for “Mad Libs,”
just ’cause Gabriel
and Liam, we got a “Star Wars” one.
I remember doing this
with Jayden and Zion.
“Mad Libs” are just a fun
way to work through grammar.
I got an “I Can Read” level two book,
but I like that it was from
the Made By God perspective.
It’s from Zonderkidz.
This book, actually it looked
pretty sad whenever I was,
looked like it’s probably gonna deal
with some hard topics we had.
Yeah, just looks heartfelt
and like good conversations to have.
So this was called “Chang’s Paper Pony.”
And then, so for Amelia,
she doesn’t actually
have a Bible of her own.
We couldn’t get much
more perfect than this.
We own a ton of Bibles, but
this one looks like Amelia.
And so, gonna write her name in this,
and I know she will have
a lot of fun with this one
and carry that to and from church.
Liam and Gabriel have Bibles,
but then when I saw this,
I thought one of them might want this one,
so picked that up for them.
And then for Daniel, now we
have “The Beginner’s Bible,”
but again, one that he
can have his name in
and carry back and forth to church.
Mom fail, he didn’t have that already.
We have a collection of ’em
over there that we read.
But anyway, this will
be his own personal one.
And then, these are the two,
so “The Midwife’s Apprentice.”
It’s a Newbery winner.
I still wanna read through it first.
And then, this one is,
it has level x on there.
They just had different grade levels
on the back of their books.
It looks like it’s definitely,
it talks about Jews being round up,
and this girl is sent from town to town.
It says, “Because of her red hair,
“she is distrusted by
superstitious villagers.”
It looks excellent.
I just want to read it first,
not so much because of that,
but I don’t know.
Did a bad guy pull her in a closet?
You know what I’m saying?
You know what I’m saying.
So I just want to read it
before I pass it on for
other folks to read.
It looked good enough for me to buy.
So here is one last look at our book haul.
So you’ve gotten everything in this video.
You got me shopping.
You got all the books.
You got all the Sharp Shopper.
You got a whole lot of coffee.
Go ahead and keep watching.
I will pop up right here.
Some of my best Sharp Shopper hauls ever.
And if you would like to chat more books
and homeschooling, you can look down
in the description below,
and I will have a link
to all the homeschool
curriculum I bought this year
that goes on top of all of
these great books that I bought.
And I’ll chat with you
in those comments below.