November 9, 2019 100 By William Morgan

– [Jamerrill] For our snow day breakfast,
we are having these,
they call them egg in a
hole or toad in a hole
and then we also cook
up the little circles
and have those too.
This is some leftover egg, meat
and veggie, cheese scrambles
that we had made yesterday.
The kids ate all of just
the meat and cheese ones
I made for them.
So this is what I’m having.
Travis had the same.
We had a little bit of leftover
bacon that we reheated too.
Here’s something you can’t make up.
What do you spy in this refrigerator
that should not be in here?
So the kids are outside
now, playing in the snow
and I’m gonna go get myself ready
to earn my good mom points
and go out and play with them.
Benjamin’s down resting
but I’m gonna get him up
and bring him out to play too.
But what I’ve just done for myself is,
this is almond and …
excuse the chipped fingernails.
And if I haven’t said it yet,
Happy Monday, brand new week.
Okay, okay. I’ve made
myself a protein smoothie.
This is almond milk, one
scoop of whey protein powder,
one scoop of peanut butter powder.
And then I put …
I’m out of the powdered Stevia,
but I did have some emergency
liquid Stevia in the cabinet
and I’m using that.
I can’t get to the store
because of the snow.
So I put all this in the
blender with some ice
and I obviously overflowed my cup.
This is what we’re doing for
our lunch time PE break today.
Benjamin has never been
in the snow before.
Are you making a tunnel Ben?
– Uh huh.
And Ben, Benjamin, hey.
– Wow.
Wow, we’ll have to make some snow cream.
He’s working hard
to get through all this
deep snow to get to ya.
– Can you help me get it off my face?
– (laughs)What’s wrong with your face?
I think it looks great?
– Oh, its’ cold.
– Here’s how the house is
looking in all this snow.
Okay Naomi is stirring.
We just did a big batch
of home-made popcorn
that we’re gonna eat while
we play Ticket to Ride.
So we are getting ready
to have dinner now.
We did Ticket to Ride.
I think it took us over three hours.
What we have for dinner tonight …
This is actually night three.
Tacos and my last Large Chili
Meals of the Week video.
I made these tacos on Saturday.
We had ’em Saturday, we had
’em Sunday night for dinner.
It’s Monday night.
This is the last of it, so …
This is the only lettuce we have left.
This is the last of the
Mexican-blend cheese.
So, I opened a bag of
mild cheddar, that I have.
Almost out of tomatoes.
The peppers have not been as popular.
I have a new little tub of sour cream,
but we’ll probably go
through most of that tonight.
and then I just heated up 24 taco shells.
But I have another box
left if we need 12 more.
So we shall see.
But this is dinner for
this snowy Monday night.
Good morning friends, it is
day three of our big snowstorm.
It does look like it’s
starting to melt today,
so what we’re doin’ for breakfast is,
we’re just gonna do toast.
And, then I have some Pink Lady apples
that I’m chopping’ up.
And we have peanut butter
out, we have cream cheese
and then this is Liam’s plate.
He wanted jelly.
I’m just gonna have a toast
and fruit breakfast, yay.
Okay, so we got the mama-mama socks
in full force here today.
Kids’re getting ready
to go outside and play.
Let me show you what in
the world I’ve got in
from my grocery shopping trip outside
to the refrigerator and freezer.
So, I’ve got a thing of almond milk.
These burritos again.
We did these this fall.
There were two packs left.
I brought those in because
I am going to upset
the internet here, in a minute.
Stay tuned, when I tell you
what I’m fixing the kids for lunch.
So got those burritos and then this pack,
this is also from October.
Spicy chicken legs for the instant pot.
Then we have a pineapple.
Then three things of the
pasture-raised ground beef.
I’m gonna do a whole bunch
of homemade spaghetti this evening.
I’m gonna get that cooking.
Anyway, for lunch today,
we have brought in a pack
of hot dogs that was
left over from grilling
that needs to be cooked.
And then I found these burritos.
So the kids are gonna
go outside in the snow
for like two hours, and
while they’re outside
I’m going to do these
frozen burritos in the oven
and I’m gonna boil up hot dogs
and the kids are gonna have burritos,
hot dogs and fresh
pineapple, I got at Aldi.
and that is usin’ up
our snowstorm reserves.
And this is the last little
bit of that egg omelet scramble
I made for Travis and I the other day.
Less, probably, I don’t know,
this is less than two cups,
probably, but this is what
I’m having for breakfast.
Okay, so what I’ve gotten done, is,
I have three of the packs of
the pasture-raised ground beef
in my big electric roaster.
I almost said pressure cooker.
These roasters are great for many things.
You can do bulk spaghetti
sauce and bulk chili.
That’s what I’ll be doin’
over the coming days.
And I’m cooking three of the packs.
This is, probably, about seven and a half,
eight pounds of ground beef,
but half of it is gonna
be for the spaghetti
and then half of it is
going to be for chili.
So we’re gonna do spaghetti now, probably.
We’ll, probably, eat
that over two days or so
and then we’ll roll into chili time.
I’m going to do …
to chop this onion.
I have these peppers left over
from our two and a half days of tacos.
Then, I have these peppers, still, to cut.
So, I’m gonna cut all these
and cook them with the ground beef.
Oh, and I’ve got a
little puny thing of …
sad looking thing of green onions
that need to be used up too.
(mumbles) came in already from the snow
she’s taken the plastic
wrap off the burritos
and getting’ them on the pans
and then Benjamin, what
are you helping with?
(laughs), he is wearing himself down.
It is 1:24, you are …
Where you gonna go soon buddy?
Say BED.
– I …
– And the house is just a mess.
Nothin’ to do with meals but,
you know, kids in and out.
Of Snow.
I’m gonna do a big talk about
him house cleaning, though.
Look for that video.
But we just got mess everywhere, don’t we?
So over here, check in with our food
I didn’t get any further
choppin’ vegetables
’cause I helped all the kids get outside
but I did get …
I’m havin’ those spicy chicken legs
and I have some older kids
who might all like those, too, for lunch.
That’s one of my keto, low-carb recipes.
Those are in the pressure cooker.
And then, over here’s still …
Oh, you’re getting in Naomi’s bag.
So we’re gonna chop the vegetables.
I’ll show you how to do it, though.
So, I’m gonna take the spatula
and start breakin’ it all down.
So, here are all the veggies
I’ve just chopped and cracked
and then here are the
leftover taco peppers.
I’m gonna put these into the
meat that has been underway.
I just broke this up a few minutes ago.
Now we’re gonna dump in the veggies.
Get in there, veggies.
And then all I’m going to
do, is put this lid back on.
The kids have been slowly coming inside
And, yeah, I had a pineapple massacre.
So, we chopped down three pineapples
and this is what we got.
But, it’ll be three fresh pineapples.
I bet, though, within the
next 24 hours or less,
this is gonna be gone.
Just pulled those freezer
burritos out of the oven
and then over here, over
our super-healthy lunch,
we got our hot dogs.
They are a boilin’.
And then, gotta stir the meat again.
And my instant pot is done.
So Travis brought me home a treat.
He brought me home some
hot and spicy pork rinds.
Even though we still got
our snow, it is melting
and he used his bulldozer.
And has got the road cleared for us
and was able to get in and out.
So to celebrate, he went to
our little country store,
brought me home a treat, yay.
So I’ll be having this with
my hot and spicy chicken legs.
I might catch on fire from lunch today.
Here’s one of the scandalous lunches.
So, we are way deep into dinnertime.
But this is …
and I’ve already served out
first plates of spaghetti.
This is how the fantastic,
homemade sauce turned out.
And I decided to just go ahead
and I’ll use all the meat
and make a true, thick meat sauce.
Travis is having it, just the sauce.
So I guess you could, kinda,
think of it as a chili.
He does not want it on spaghetti squash
or a runny kinda (mumbles) noodles.
I did my spaghetti squash
and then once the
spaghetti squash was done
I scooped it all out, mixed
it with some of the sauce,
put it back in the shell,
put some cheese on it,
put it back in the oven.
Made myself a lovely, true,
baked spaghetti squash.
Happy Wednesday, friends.
Got a whole big stack of hard-boiled eggs.
I’m making up plates now.
This is Gabriel’s, he
wanted hard-boiled eggs
and some of the fresh
pineapple from yesterday.
I also have some cottage cheese.
So these are, kind of,
our breakfast choices.
And then, this is my mama-breakfast plate.
I’m havin’ a cup of cottage cheese
and two hard-boiled eggs.
This is Benjamin’s little
plate this morning.
Okay, friends I think
I skipped a day on you.
I only got breakfast yesterday.
Yesterday was Wednesday,
so, leftovers for lunch,
leftovers for dinner.
Zion, he did up and served dinner, dinner.
Yeah, that’s one of our
made up words this time.
Made dinner.
So, this mama could get a shower.
Anyway, so on this Thursday evening,
we’ve had home-school group today
and I’ve been filming the Day-in-the-Life,
so that’s why I’m gyppin’ the
Large Family Meal Planning
video for this week
because I’m filming you something else
you’ve been requestin’ today.
And what I’m doin’ now is …
I did beef tips in the instant pot.
The instant pot is at
its capacity with beef
so I have no problem boilin’ broccoli.
Gonna boil a big ole bag of
broccoli and we’re gonna have
beef and broccoli for dinner.
So here is the broccoli done
And I’m lettin’ some butter melt in there
And then here is how the beef worked out.
You’ll see, This just looks super yummy.
Here is how everything is lookin’.
I’m just stirring the beef
and the broccoli up together.
So kids can have this beef
and broccoli over rice
or I might have mine over cauli-rice.
Travis doesn’t care for cauli-rice.
We not havin’ regular rice,
so this is all the man gets.
Although I will be nice and …
Let’s see here,
sprinkle a few sesame
seeds on the top here.
I just got done with an expensive,
Large Family grocery haul video.
Somewhere in the universe is
out or will be coming out.
I was going to do meatloaves.
I’ve been talking, for days now,
about how I’m gonna do these meatloaves.
and the hamburger isn’t
defrosted enough yet, so …
And we’re starving
and we have all the food
all over the counters.
So, couple thoughts.
When I get in these situations,
’cause real life mama’s find
themselves in these situations.
This is where those pasture
raised hens save my life often.
I’m gonna throw one of
them in the instant pot
and that should make
some sort of food quick.
Chicken’s done, cauliflower’s almost done.
And then the kids (mumbles)
’cause there’s still snow outside.
There’s the chicken.
I’m gonna pull it apart now.
Here’s all the meat I just
pulled from the chicken bones
and then I put, since this
was a good, healthy chicken,
I put all the bones and little
scrap pieces back in here.
I’m gonna put in a bunch
of water and make broth.
I will be making a yummy
chicken and cabbage soup
with this, in the coming days.
This is in my Dollar Tree haul
but the modeling clay,
it was only a dollar.
And I got everybody
their own modeling clay.
You made a snail?
– Uh huh, a little kitty and a human.
– Ah, really?
And you had a leash.
You said that was you walking Sneakers.
– Ah hah, but then I realized
it was taken off (mumbles).
– That’s fine.
And Miss Naomi?
Many beautiful things
that you’re working on?
So, obviously, the kids
have been playin’ for hours.
And Benjamin …
Eat, eat, eat.
Let’s eat your food first.
Let’s go.
He’s got little carrots,
cauliflower and chicken.
Eat, eat.
And he is ready.
Good morning friends, Happy Saturday.
Happy Saturday from my leftover eggs.
I’m gonna put these eggs in
a little storage container.
We had eggs and pear slices for breakfast.
The kids …
We had four basketball games
today, on this Saturday.
The snow, the weather forecast …
I don’t have anything yet,
has canceled all our fun,
So, we’re havin’ a home day,
and I’ll show you what we’re
getting into here, shortly.
Okay, so for lunch today,
I have made myself …
and I have chocolate on
my fingers as proof …
yes, what is this?
It’s a trim, healthy, Mama recipe called
chocolate muffin in a mug.
And back in my trim,
healthy mama for real days,
I used to have one or two of these a day.
It takes some almond flour,
some ground flaxseed,
coconut oil, an entire egg,
some unsweetened cocoa.
It’s a low carb recipe.
Anyhow, I will try to link you the recipe
if you would like it, down
in the description below,
but I also have this with some berries
and sugar-free Cool Whip on top.
It’s super satisfying for
a mama who loves chocolate.
Dinner did not turn out well.
Tell him what we’ve really
been doin’ in that pot.
Because it’s gonna be an internet rumor.
– We cleaned stuff.
– We cleaned stuff.
But look at mommy.
what has mommy been makin’ in the pot?
– Play dough
– Play dough.
Yes, we’ve been makin’ play dough.
We’re not eating it, right?
This is not edible play dough.
I thought you guys would get
a kick out of seeing this pot.
So, yes, we have been
making homemade play dough,
this evening, since our other
daily plans got canceled,
the kids have been on a kick of doin’
a lot with their modeling clay.
Makin’ all kinds of characters,
and so we also got
talking about play dough.
We have not done play dough, in a while,
We have not made homemade play dough
since Jamerrill’s old house days.
So we’ve done a green,
Naomi just did this brown.
You can tell the yellow’s been popular.
We’ve got some purple
and some blue in bags
and now I’m gonna go over and make …
I think I’m gonna start with,
maybe, some more yellow.
Then we’ll do red and
then we’ll do orange.
It just makes sense.
Wow, Daniel, you’ve been makin’ popsicles?
– This is Zion’s
– That’s Zion’s?
And you made some dinner.
Liam is making some toast.
– I made a monster.
– You did.
What about that hamburger you made?
Did you take him apart?
– Yeah, to make the monster.
– That’s cool.
So here’s all of our fun.
Right now, I’m workin’ on …
I took a whole bag of pork rinds.
I am grinding ’em up.
I had to borrow the
rolling pin from the kids
who were usin’ it with their play dough.
I have been crushing these down.
This makes a low carb and
keto-friendly meatloaf.
We use the pork rinds as a binder.
We have these left over from last night,
so I’m gonna put ’em in
this bowl and mash ’em up
and they’re gonna be in
our meatloaf as well.
I like to use any kind of veggie leftovers
I can shove into it.
Obviously, super excited about meatloaf
because I made two big pans of it.
If you hear any pounding behind me,
it’s kiddos, still hours later,
goin’ at it with the homemade play dough.
For the kids, I just put
a 10 pound bag of potatoes
in my 14 quart Gowise pressure cooker
and I’m gonna do baked potatoes for them
to go along with the meatloaf.
I have some asparagus and radishes,
I’m gonna also turn onto somethin’ here.
So, one meatloaf is out.
I just drained it, ’cause
it had lots of grease,
so I just drained it in there.
And then potatoes are done
in that pressure cooker.
And here, I have some
asparagus, I’m steaming.
I’m also gonna chop some
radishes and do those next.
It’s all right, we’ve been tearing up
the first pan of meatloaf.
I forgot to show you some plates.
Here’s Liam’s.
So it’s 7:26, it’s Sunday morning
and here I am with some onions.
What is happening today
is, with our weather,
we don’t have any church out
and about this morning, either,
so we gonna do some home church,
but I’m going to get a big trim,
Healthy Mama style pot of chili.
Now I made meatloaf last night.
We do have a whole meatloaf left
But we’re gonna use that for lunch today
and for breakfast,
you’ll see what we’re
making here, shortly.
I’m gonna get this chili cookin’.
What it is, it’s about two and a half,
three pounds of the pasture-raised sausage
that we have in the freezers
and then about the same
amount of the beef.
So, about five to six
pounds of meat, total.
I’m gonna get that cooking on low
and I’m also going to chop
up and in red bell pepper
and an orange one and a yellow one.
While the rest of the house is getting’ up
and getting’ movin’, I am having
my Bible and Journal time.
Got my stack of journals and
I’m havin’ a protein smoothie.
Sorry, tried to get my
words together here.
What is in this protein smoothie?
So this is ice almond milk, PBfit,
it’s that peanut butter
powder that I like,
one scoop of whey protein
powder and some Stevia
and it, actually, made two cupfuls.
I have one here and one over there.
Yeah, I’ll, probably,
just eat part of it like ice
cream and drink the rest, yay.
And it’s all trim, Healthy
Mama S meal friendly.
Here is how this yummy
looking chili turned out.
The kids, though, are
having leftover meatloaf
and baked potatoes for lunch.
But Travis is definitely gonna
get started on this chili.
Well, this is as far as this
has gotten for this Sunday.
You can see they’re
back to doin play dough.
Just like how we were
doing yesterday and today
and the homemade play dough
worked fantastic, by the way.
That link with the information
on how we make homemade play dough
will be down in the description below.
What I’m trying today is,
I found a couple different
recipes for modeling clay.
I know this isn’t the Large
Family Meals of the Week,
but I’m cookin’ so, I’m sneakin’ this in.
I’ve just gotta show you
how I’m experimentin’
makin’ this modeling clay.
It looks to me, so far, it feel …
it’s the consistency like play dough.
It’s still warm and I didn’t
add the food coloring in
until towards the end.
So it’s had a tie-dye appearance.
This recipe is with water
and salt and then cornstarch,
and then you add in some cold water.
Then we’ll just see if this turns out,
truly, like modeling clay.
I will do blue, ’cause I still have …
You see where I’ve added
that blue coloring in.
So this was two thirds of a cup of water.
Then it is two cups of salt
and I sent Travis out yesterday
to get a whole bunch of white flour,
whole bunch of salt
(laughs) and cornstarch
between makin’ all the play dough
and then also knowin’
I wanted to make this modeling clay.
And then the directions
say, just to stir this.
The directions aren’t very clear
as to, like, the temperature,
the heat, how long you stir
but I’ve been figuring it out,
part of the general eyeballing school.
All right, so now I’m gonna add …
and here’s the one cup of
corn starch, cold water.
Now, gonna get this stirred up
and then we put it back
on the heat for a bit.
The directions just say,
it said stir until smooth,
return to heat and cook until thick.
So I’m just gonna keep
stirring it until it’s thick.
So this is how my second
attempt looks right now,
but it’s too hot for me to even
try to knead at the moment.
So this looks like, I don’t
know, it might be a thing.
Wow, play dough in action.
Here is Liam’s cake.
And then Daniel’s makin’
a lot of cupcakes, right?
– With icin’ on it.
– With icing on it.
– And I’m makin’ biscuits.
– Aha, you are a biscuits.
Play dough party.
Okay friends, Happy Monday.
It’s a whole other, brand new week here.
I just wanted to say goodbye.
I’m gonna start another Large
Family Meals of the Week.
You can hear all kinds of fun,
excitement going on the background.
So, we’re gonna have our
eggs and have our new week.
I hope you are havin’ a great week.
Whenever this posts
and I’ll see you tomorrow
with another brand new video.
Bye bye.