🌮 Las mejores TORTILLAS & TOTOPOS KETO | Low Carb |  Yo +Green

🌮 Las mejores TORTILLAS & TOTOPOS KETO | Low Carb | Yo +Green

July 22, 2019 82 By William Morgan

Hello Friends! It gives me a great pleasure to receive you here in your
humble home, today we’re gonna make
the best low-carb/keto tortillas in the world! these tasty tortillas are super
soft, they’re delicious and have
a lot of fiber, you can make some fried tacos because you can fry these tortillas, you can also
make some chips for your chilaquiles! as a friend from us
asked to make chips for chilaquiles,
Well, this recipe is for you too!
They ‘re super crispy, super
crunchy, let me tell you that the totopos are
an addiction, its taste is spectacular!
Be very careful because they are very
addictive, eat them with a
guacamole or with your chilaquiles, you can also make little strips for the
traditional Mexican soup of Tortilla and of course You can make enchiladas!
Super tasty! don’t move and let’s see how these
Soft and delicious tortillas or super crispy chips are made! Let’s start!
in a bowl add the almond and coconut flours, ground flaxseed,
psyllium flakes, salt and
xantan gum or gelatine mix all the
ingredients with a spatula
now, add warm water (luke water)
Knead, preferably with your very clean hands, if you notice that your mix is
a bit dry add a little more water
when you get the dough, then add
the olive oil and continues kneading.
Now, create some balls with your hands,
putting them between two pieces of wax paper
flat them with a machine
to make tortillas
do it until the tortilla is very thin
put the tortillas in a non-stick pan for 1 min each side,
remove them from the fire
to make the chips cut each tortilla in little triangles with the help of
a knife or a pizza cutter
fry the chips in enough oil
turn them when you see that the corners
are golden, approx. 2 mins each side
the tip that I’m going to give you to make your tortillas amazing, is that you have to make them as
thin as possible, make them super super
thin so that will make softer tortillas
that’s the tip, that’s the trick!
these tortillas, unfortunately
there isn’t substitute for any ingredient in this recipe, so if
you want to make these tortillas or some super crispy chips, go to get all
the ingredients and let’s make them!
because I assure you that you are not going to
regret, these are the best tortillas
that we have have in the channel!
If you want to know what the psyllium is, I’m going to leave down here the link in which
I explain it to you and where you can
get it; some people have had gray-ish
colour as a result in their products,
this is caused by the psyllium, if this happens to you,
I suggest you to change the psylliym brand,
I personally haven’t had
this problem, I’ve worked with 3
different brands and the three of them I’ve
been excellent result, I’ve not had
no color problem, for this
recipe you can use psyllium powder
as I did, or you can also use the flakes, it isn’t necessary that
you ground them, I did it this way because that’s how I bought the psyllium; I don’t
have psyllium flakes, but you can make them
also with psyllium in flakes and the
the result will be the same; if you feel that your dough is a bit dry or is
very dry, then feel free to add 1, 2 or 3 tbsp.
of luke warm water, it should
to be hot but not boiling,
f you put your finger in the water, it shouldn’t burn you however it
it must be hot; Give me a little taco emoji in the comments below, so I’ll know that soon, very
soon you’ll make these tortillas or tortilla chips to make your
Chilaquiles. Thumps up! and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already done, and
also share this recipe so that
everyone finds out that we’re doing
super healthy recipes and they’ll start the
2019 being helthier!
I am Pily, I see you in the next video!