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Hello family of the GenteReal I am Mili.
Welcome to my channel,
In this video I want to share some ideas for
prepare the classic cheesecake
differently, we can lower the
calories and carbohydrates according to our needs,
without white sugar without flour
with some nutritious substitutes,
We can prepare this delicious dessert.
We are going to use oat flakes and nuts both passed through the blender
so that they remain like a kind of flour,
these two ingredients will be the basis of
our cheesecake,
and we will sweeten it with dates, you
remove date seed first and put
in hot water for 10 minutes to make them soft,
I cut them into very small pieces and
we will also use the water where
we soak them we will have a kind of mash,
mix the nuts in a bowl and
ground oats,
we add the mashed dates, this will
will give the natural touch of sweet
the water where we soak the dates,
coconut oil
and we will join everything, I am using a
immersion blender, you can do it
in a food processor, in the
blender mixing small quantities
or with a fork
with a spatula we will finish joining
Everything, the idea is that we look like a paste,
in a detachable mold we add a
little coconut oil,
we spread well, this will make it easier to unmold the
we add our preparation and with a
spatula we spread all over the mold
so that we have a couple base
and we take it to refrigerate
we take the opportunity to make the filling, here
I have cream cheese that is at room temperature,
to make it easier to beat it
with the other ingredients,
We started beating over medium heat for a few minutes,
then we will add coconut milk,
which will bring moisture and a delicate flavor to the cheese,
coconut milk
I had in the freezer
and I took it out 2 hours before starting with the
we keep mixing and we add the
coconut oil
then the two teaspoons of vanilla
1/4 teaspoon salt
and we will also use the juice of a
to give cheesecake the sweet you can added honey from
maple, you can replace it with stevia,
agave honey or some sweetener of your
Now we are going to beat until we get
a creamy mixture
we withdraw our base from the
refrigerator and we will add all
this creamy mixture on top has a
delicious aroma,
we help each other with a spatula or spoon
to match all the preparation
we cover the mold with a film and what
we take to refrigerate minimum for 6 hours
preferably we leave all the
night to help make it more solid.
I want to share two super recipes
easy and delicious to cover
our cheesecake, in a pot we put 200
grams of blueberries ,
you can do it with strawberries,
to sweeten I’ll put maple honey
you can also replace it with stevia
if you are on a ketogenic diet
add the juice of a lemon
and we take it over medium heat until
start boiling for about 5 min
to give it body I will put a
1 tablespoon cornstarch
diluted in 2 tablespoons cold water
and we cook for a couple more minutes,
we realize that it is ready when
we can see the bottom of the pot, look like this
it was with this honey texture,
we let it cool completely and take it to
the refrigerator for half an hour.
The other sauce will be chocolate, we will use
100% pure cocoa without sugar,
coconut oil, this will give a shine and
melted chocolate consistency
if you don’t have measuring spoons you can
use the ones you have at home, yes,
you must use the same spoon to
measure cocoa and coconut oil
and mix, the cocoa will be integrated
Easily with oil.
This time to sweeten I will use honey
of agave with a spoonful is enough
mix and we have ready the sauce
Chocolate as you see is super easy.
Here are some options for
sweeten our unused recipes with white sugar,
choose the one that serves you
according to your lifestyle,
we have stevia, organic agave honey and the
Maple syrup.
I used this package where they come frozen for cranberry sauce,
if you have the option of finding them
Fresh, much better.
100% pure cocoa is important not to
contain sugar and coconut oil,
for the friends that
They live in Japan I bought it at the Costco store.
I left the cheesecake overnight in the refrigerator
so it’s time to
unmold, remove the film and
With a thin knife we ​​begin to take off
the edges
this mold has a sure that at
removing it will make it easier to unmold without problems,
a tip is to put the mold
on top of a glass like this it will be done to us
easier to remove the hoop,
to pass it to the tray
presentation I will help myself with a metal spatula,
it takes off easily since
grease the mold with a little coconut oil,
to serve our cheesecake I will use
some grated lemon peel or finely chopped,
the chocolate sauce
and cranberry sauce
It’s completely cold, it’s time to cut
this delicious dessert,
I give them a TIP, put the cheesecake in the freezer 30
minutes before serving it,
so it will be more compact, especially if you are in a
very hot weather
our first option will be with this
Cranberry sauce that has the touch
perfect sweet to accompany the
the combination of blueberries and cheese
It looks perfect,
For those of us who love chocolate, it goes
our second option, this sauce is delicious
and if you are in any regimen
low sugar or just want to try
a new flavor I recommend
do what
is creamy and in contact with him
cheesecake that is cold will make it solid
giving it a hedge texture
of ice cream and the combination is excellent
I’m sure you’ll love it
I’ll put a nut to reinforce the flavor and that’s it,
if you are one of the people who like
the natural cheesecake without sauces, this touch
Lemon peel is perfect
gives a citrus perfume to dessert without
change the taste
and here are our three options of
flavors with the same cheesecake recipe
and is totally based
Different will enhance this fantastic dessert.
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