٩-الصيام المتقطع | الكيتوجينيك دايت  واسرار نجاحه_ وقت تغيير طبيبك..ضرر الميكروييف

٩-الصيام المتقطع | الكيتوجينيك دايت واسرار نجاحه_ وقت تغيير طبيبك..ضرر الميكروييف

July 31, 2019 100 By William Morgan

Hello. I am going to answer
4 questions in this episode
Edited at
Intermittent fasting, its
magic and its importance
People started and did horrible mistakes in
ketogenic diet I have to comment about that
the third thing is people asking about what
I said in my first episode telling them
to eat four five or even six meals now I’ve
changed my mind and say eat only one or two
the last question is about the
microwave is it harmful or not.
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let’s start the episode
Hello, when I was supervising medical students
during exams, any doctor looked right or left
I cancelled his exam, many people argued me about
that and said that I have to show more mercy
but I can’t show mercy to medical, engineering
students or any students in an important college
because what makes him cheat in this exam will
make him cheat in his masters and his patients
Unfortunately, I saw lots of videos
of doctors doing many mistakes
researches that have ended a hundred years ago,
till now some say don’t eat more than two eggs
cholesterol in food increases blood cholesterol,
do intermittent fasting while eating sugar
really I don’t know what is this, so please search
for good references and don’t listen to anyone
Let’s start this episode’s subject,
people who started the ketogenic diet
the last episode I said and insisted to deliver
a message, although I eat healthy food
when I was talking about the
keto flu and I don’t eat sugar
you can’t tell me that you started a ketogenic
diet while you are eating too much sugar
and your body lives on chocolate,
chips, Pepsi, sandwiches and bread
without knowing how your body responds it’s
normal to get tired, faint, have a headache
vomit, sleep a lot, feel a flutter in your heart, its
normal, why don’t you believe in the magic of steps
no one can get from the far right to the far left,
there is “sunnah”,called “the sunnah of steps”
anything in the world, thoughts, traditions,
health anything should be taken step by step
so eliminate the Pepsi for one week
only, another week eliminate the bread
another one eliminate the fruits, week by week until
you feel that your body doesn’t depend on sugar
you can start the ketogenic diet
It was one of my worst days those of the keto
flu although I don’t eat sugar in general
so when someone tells me that he gets so
tired I tell him to stop the ketogenic diet
take sugar, sugar is an addiction, eliminate
it step by step from your blood and then start
the ketogenic diet, you just can’t start it
and your body depends completely on sugar
It is right that we replace carbs with fats and
amino acids but you shouldn’t be depending
on sugar completely and your brain wants to eat
every three or four hours waiting for the sugar
and you eat fats instead, that takes me to the
second point, at first I said that the biggest
mistake people make is not to eat all day and
take your meal in the middle of the night
you will never lose weight and
now I say eat one or two meals
let’s look at the bigger picture
away from what I am talking about
i will talk about it from all
aspects, taking a broad spectrum
the first regimen people reduces the
calories and starts with carbs reduction
carbs depend on insulin, so after three
or four hours when insulin is released
and lowers sugar level you’ll feel hungry,
eat again insulin will be released again
You feel hungry and so on, so for people
depending on glucose, those who eat sugar, rice
potatoes, vegetables and bread, you should
eat frequently and decrease the calories
have four five six meals a day with
small amounts of rice, salad, chicken
you shouldn’t stop eating for 12 hours because
you’ll eat a lot in the middle of the night
so if you are not ketogenic you should
divide your meal throughout the day
but this has no effect when you
decrease the carbs as we said before
each CHO molecule is excreted with 4 molecules
of water, so you are losing water not fat
even if you eat healthy food 6 or 7 times
a day this frequency increase insulin
making it hard to lose weight that’s
why the low CHO regimen fails
in the ketogenic diet you depend on fats,
fats takes 4 to 10 hours to be digested
so you don’t get hungry as the insulin doesn’t
decrease the ketone bodies level in the blood
so you’ll always have energy, always full
so you can take only two meals a day
now you understand why I said 6 meals
if you take the low CHO regimen
and one or 2 meals in ketogenic
regimen, from this I will talk
when they found out that many people do not get
hungry, insulin level is low, so lower your
meals number to burn more fats and calories,
this resulted in intermittent fasting
everything I say now about this fasting, multiply
it by 3 and its Muslims fasting “the benefits”
it means eating in only a few hours, you
will have all your meals from 10 am to 4 pm
you eat your 1, 2 or 3 meals during that
time, the rest of the day, you’re fasting
you’re not eating, only drinking water, lemon
and water, coffee with no sugar, green tea
anise, mint, any type of drink you can have
it at any time, in the morning or at night
this is intermittent fasting, drinking all
the time, but eating only from 10am to 4pm
so from 4pm to 10am the next day, your
body is burning all the fat in it
keeps burning fat, you will lose
weight, and not only the weight loss
I am talking about its benefits to your body,
and I am sure that the prophet and “sahaba”
were very healthy, we didn’t hear about cancer, diabetes,
hepatitis, nor any infection as a result of fasting
or it can be as fasting every Monday and
Thursday, intermittent fasting is either
you only eat for 6 or 8 hours and fast the
rest of the day, or fasting two days weekly
or every other day, any of this is acceptable, as
you eat then your body has a long time to burn
burn all the fats, anyways what are the
benefits? the first one is, please focus
there are stem cells, which are the primary
cells, goes to the liver and make liver cells
goes to the brain and make brain
cells, to the bone and make bone cells
they are the primary source for anybody
tissue, and they increase when you’re fasting
they are like your spare, which are renewed,
new cells are formed to replace any dead cells
any weak cells or infected cells are replaced
by new cells, the second thing is macrophages
what does it mean? when you are fasting, there
is no food so it will look for sick, weak cells
those not doing their job, or infections
made them weak with abnormal metabolism
it will take these cells and convert it to
energy, or to protein to make new cells
your body renews itself, macrophages has the
ability to eat old cells by 300% when fasting
your body is 300 times more than its
normal in renewing itself during fasting
whether it’s Islamic fasting, or that one while
drinking water, the next step is anti-aging
what does anti-aging mean?it means not getting
old, wrinkles and others won’t appear in your 40ys
they’ll appear in your 70y’s, why? because your body
after every meal, your body and GIT are relaxed
for a very long time, so the liver has time
to make detoxification, people who tell me
“we want a detox”, why not give your
liver a chance to do it naturally
don’t use new food, or new things, after eating,
your body will have 14 or 16 detoxifying itself
Old cells are destroyed, liver cleans
your body, your GIT is relaxed
the microbiome which are the microbes
living in the GIT take their time
and do their job, your hormones will
be balanced as your insulin is low
I’ll talk about hormones in just a sec, dead cells
are taken by macrophages, only good ones remain
this delays aging, your skin, your breath,
your muscles, body shape are all good
wrinkles will decrease, why? as your body is
active, gets rid of bad cells and produce new ones
all the time, so this delays the aging, next
are the hormones, insulin is always low
in the previous episodes, I’ve been
talking about harms of high insulin
you must’ve to know yet, and more important
is the growth hormones, increases by 2000%
those who worry about their muscles while
fasting, your growth hormones increases by 2000%
you can never lose muscles while fasting,
never, your body makes muscles while fasting
imagine this, it’s a miracle, so with high growth
hormone and low insulin, cortisone gets low
so in Buddhism or other religions
its called spiritual nutrition
for them maybe, put for Muslims, yes you are getting
closer to God, but also your GIT is not working
so most of the blood goes to the main organs
which are the brain, so more concentration
your mind is clear, your ideas are better and
smarter, as all the blood goes to the brain
or your heart, so can you imagine how calm
you are, your cortisone is low, no stress
while fasting, those who get angry while
fasting depends on sugar in their diets
do you get now why I get mad at doctors who
advise people with intermittent fasting?
advising them with intermittent fasting
without telling them not to eat carbs
do you get it how many mistakes I have
found on the internet which made me so mad
how come you are asking someone to do intermittent
fasting without cutting him off carbs
so I am going to do intermittent fasting and
I’m only going to eat for 2 hours daily
from 2 to 4 but in these 2 hours I will be
eating only sugar, sweet, Pepsi and chips
my insulin level is now very high and it
stopped burning calories for 2 or 3 days
whatever you do, for your insulin level
to get back to normal it takes few hours
some types of food which consists of 30 or 50
mg of sugar as any kind of sweets or cakes
causes insulin level to return to normal after
3 or 4 days and surely you don’t lose weight
if your insulin level is high, so don’t
tell a patient to do the fasting without
cutting off carbs, prevent the rise in your
insulin so the effect of fasting appears
do you understand now how intermittent
fasting is connected to the ketogenic diet
as during it, your insulin is low, so
once you stop eating the burning starts
while those eating sugar have high insulin,
even if they stop eating, it’s still high
so they will have 2 or 3 days without
burning due to high insulin from the carbs
so please don’t tell anyone about intermittent
fasting without cutting off carbs to lower insulin
this is something that will help you
understand a lot about ketogenic diet
or intermittent fasting, you don’t lose
weight in the beginning, you get rid of water
when you stop eating carbs, you
will lose 3 or 4 kilos of water
but if he measures the amount of fat in his
body, it will be the same, fat is not lost yet
or his weight is the same, there is something
called”wooshing effect”,i will explain it now
let’s say this is your fat cell, when you
have used all your carb, liver glycogen
and started your ketogenic diet, and fat is
taken from your cells, fat is replaced by water
why? their body keeps the fat cells as this
person may eat fat again so it can be stored
the body keeps replacing the fat with water
and so on till the 3/4 of it is made of water
and only 1/4 is fat, so your weight and
your waist circumference are still the same
you have lost no weight when you have been
controlling your diet for 2 or 3 months
your insulin level is low and doing everything
you can, but your cells are full of water
this is the wooshing effect and when there
is no more fat in the cell, it collapses
all the water is removed, the cell
collapse, you more fat will be eaten
the cells won’t disappear, you will have the
same number of cells you were born with
and when you eat any fat, the cells
will regain their size one more time
so the cells when you lose the water
collapses and after 2 or 3 months
depending on your body, the number of
cells and how fast you can lose weight
one day you will be sweating heavily, going to the
bathroom a lot as all the water is being lost
then you will notice a drop in your weight,
your waist circumference, and you feel lighter
your breathing is easier, your health is
better, this happens after 2 or 3 months
now you understand the wooshing effect,
and to get a perfect body it takes years
not weeks or months, losing the weight you
have gained in years so it will take years
so don’t ask me to lose weight in one month
as it’s your wedding, this is a joke
or you want to lose weight by summer, you
have to change your lifestyle, your routine
only that your body will get the best
shape and the perfect form you want
now let’s talk about the comments things which
are completely wrong, but everyone talks about
when you find out that your TGS is high
and the doctor tells you to take a drug
not to stop taking fat, don’t listen to him,
if he doesn’t tell you to stop eating bread
sweets, sugar, fruits, you won’t get better,
you’ll have to use drugs for the rest of your life
and drugs do more harm than good if he
tells you not to eat more than 2 eggs
as the cholesterol in them is very high,
and it causes heart attacks, don’t listen
this has changed 50 years ago, if he didn’t
ask you about your diet and if you have
Cardiac problem, diabetes, atherosclerosis,
high blood pressure, irregular menstruation
if he doesn’t ask, change the doctor, he also has
to ask about your diet, it has the main rule
many girls may have irregular cycles because
of high insulin level or eating sugar
it’s also here in Europe, it’s not about
our community, girls who have acne
and having a hard life because of it but
still eating from Mac, KFC, drinking Pepsi
or eating chocolate, it’s your fault, irregular
cycles, acne, oily skin, hair loss and wrinkles
in the elderly, it’s your fault, if you improve your
diet, inflammation from high insulin will be stopped
your life, your body, your skin, everything
will change, it makes me sad how many people
the fat one they know the problem, I mean those
who have acne, depressed, has mood swings
catches a cold and is sick for 2 weeks, all
this results from eating sugar or from bad diet
give yourself a chance to learn about healthy
diets, as your body will stay with you till forever
what’s more important than your body, and to
look for information from a trusted source
I want to talk about the microwave, as
some people asked me if its harmful or not
I said that there are no researches saying
it’s harmful but one viewer sent me
video of a Dr called Nazmi or whatever,
sitting like this and the presenter asks him
about the microwaves, its waves, he said”what
waves, listen to what you said, Waves”
“I have nothing else to say”,
what’s wrong?! are you for real?!
what do you mean by “waves”, there
are a million types of waves
there are short waves, long waves, penetrating
waves, waves not affecting the body
it does not transmit radiations that
change your food, it produces waves
that moves billion times per sec
up and down, just like this
so when it moves across your food, the water
particles inside it moves with the waves
at that speed, billion times per sec, and
this produces heat, so the movement of it
did not change its character, it only moved the
water inside the food or drink producing heat
making it hot, so it’s not radiation,
its heat energy, and why is it safe?
as it doesn’t penetrate, when you go to
do X-ray, the doctor sits behind a door
the waves penetrate your body to show
the bone so X-rays may cause cancer
as it penetrates anything, but the microwave is
closed and its penetration power is very low
are you afraid waves will get to you? put a piece
of chocolate or water near it? does it get hot?
does the food get hot outside, no as
its penetration power is very low
and this what makes any wave toxic or bad, its
ability to penetrate is the bad side of waves
and the microwave is healthier than the oven,
as putting your food in the heat for 2 hours
destroying vitamins in food, microwave is used
for 3 or 4 minutes, it heats food very fast
so the micronutrients and vitamins are not
damaged, only in 3 or 4 mins your food is ready
its healthier than cooking your food for hours in
the oven, it produces waves, but not any waves
till I find anything else about microwaves, and
I will be searching, but it’s safe and I use it
and it’s much better than much
other stuff using heat or so
now I finished the episode, but before ending
I will do a 10 days water only fasting
I’ll make a documentary about these 10 days, how I
felt, what changed, and all the test I’ll be making
its really cool to be in a good mood, not hungry,
your breathing is easy, your lungs in a good shape
how it goes in the first, second, third days,
till now i am following ketogenic diet
do you remember when someone had a cough they
were told to make a cup of tea with butter
actually, butter makes the membrane of
the alveoli which exchange gases thicker
and the surfactant, those who have a premature
child will understand as they are given surfactant
the surfactant which lines the alveoli increases
with eating fats so your breath will be easy
your lungs will be filled with air, and cleaner air, I’ve noticed this with my diet205 00:23:22,000
–>00:23:30,000 I finished the episode, next time I’ll be talking about diabetes as many asked
many type 2 diabetics have been cured with
diet only, many others protect themselves
using only the right and adequate
diet that suits a diabetic patient
this was Kareem Ali, sorry for the long
episode, please share it to help others
wait for a new episode from “Fekr
Tani” thank you and goodbye