صلصة بندق كيتو  Keto Hazelnut Syrup

صلصة بندق كيتو Keto Hazelnut Syrup

August 8, 2019 19 By William Morgan

Salam. Today I’m making hazelnut syrup
Something a bit similar to what they use the cafes to flavour your coffee with
There are ready made hazelnut syrups like the ones they use at Star Bucks and Caribou but they are not available to buy in most countries
So today I’m going to make a keto hazelnut syrup using simple ingredients
Here I have 1/3 cup of unroasted and unsalted hazelnut
I’ll crush them into small pieces using this grinder

This is it crushed

Now I want to roast it. Since these are unroasted, it will lack flavour
If I amke the syrup with them without roasting, the syrup would have almost no flavour
But the roasting process will develop a deep strong flavour into the hazelnuts

I’m roasting it over medium to low heat. Swirling it to equally distribute the heat onto the hazelnuts

Here it is started to roast

That’s enough for it
I’ll take it off the heat and add the rest of the in gredients

I’ll add 1/3 cup of sweetener (I’m using Steciana, you use your prefered sweetener)
And I’ll add 1 cup of water
I’m using more water than usual because I want this syrup to cook for some time on the stove …
… so the hazelnuts will have time to release it’s oils and aromas into the syrup

This is the hazelnuts with the water and the sweetener starting to boil on the stove
I’ll let it boil till half of the water is avaporated
This will give time for releasing the aromas

Now half of the water has evaporated and looks good
it tastes sweet and it does have the hazelnut flavour … Yet I want an even stronger taste

So I’ll take it off the heat, cover it and let it soak on the counter for about an hour or so

This soaking time will release more of the hazelnuts oils and aromas into the syrup

Just cover it and let it soak
It has soaked for an hour and seems good with a strong flavour

Now I need to strain this, using a strainer with the tiniest holes to hold all the small pieces

I’ll help it to strain better
You shouldn’t waste these crushed hazelnuts. Just spread them on a plate and let to dry in the fridge

Then you can use it for cupcakes, on top of pancakes or waffles or even sprinkled over vanilla ice cream

These crushed hazelnuts taste really nice, it’s a shame to waste it

Now here you have the syrup with the hazelnut flavour

it tastes good but as you see it is watery
I have no problem with it being watery
If you want to use it to flavour your drinks just keep it watery as it is, no need to thicken it

But if you want to pour over cakes, pancakes, waffles….. you’ll need it to be thicker

a watery syrup won’t be nice, so you’ll need to thicken it with xanthan gum just like I did in the simple syrups recipes

Just put it back on the stove and add a dash of xanthan gum and boil for few seconds to thicken it

So you’ll have a nice thick syrup that’ll be nice for your waffles and so ….

But for drinks .. this is enough you don’t need to bother thickening it