شيره  (قطر) كيتو بثلاث نكهات Keto Simple Syrups 3 Flavours

شيره (قطر) كيتو بثلاث نكهات Keto Simple Syrups 3 Flavours

August 7, 2019 21 By William Morgan

Keto Simple Syrup
Salam. I’m going to make keto simple syrup. You can use for your cold drinks or your sweets recipes
I’m making 3 flavours. Unflavoured, Orangee blossom flavour and Kuwaiti flavour
It needs very simple Ingredients
A keto friendly sweetener, water and xanthan gum
The xanthan gum will add no flavour, it is only used as a thickening agent
It’ll turn the watery sweet syrup into a robust syrup which’ll give it the consistency of the real simple syrup
So, if you have it it’s good. If not, it won’t affect the flavout but you will end up with a watery syrup
And you can also substitute the xanthan gum with Arabic gum
But if you’re using the Arabic gum, you will need to use double the amount of xanthan gum since the Arabic gum is not as strong
For the sweetener, I’m using Steviana.
I don’t use Steviana as my daily use sweetener coz it is an artificial sweetener. But i love using it for my sweets recipes
Because it tastes just like sugar with no after taste. So my desserts turn out so delicious and tastes as good as normal desserts
And I don’t use much of it anyway, maybe a small piece of dessert once a day, so it wouldn’t matter much that it is artificial
A nice tasting sweetener and it’s ingredients are accepted in keto. Not all people like using it and some say it affects them
Personally I love using it in my recipes and never had a bad affect from it and never raised my blood sugar level or caused cravings for me
So, I have here ….
1/3 cup of sweetener + 1/3 cup of water
Just add them together in a pot and put them on the stove
It’s on the stove. will let it cool till the sweetener completely dissolves and is well combined
You see now the syrup has a clear colour which means the sweetener has dissolved well
Now just let it boil for 2 seconds to be sure it’s all well dissolved
I need to use very little amount of xanthan
This is a teaspoon. This very small amount you see is all it takes to thicken this syrup. You don’t need much
Just remember to double this amount if you’re using the Arabic gym instead
It took the sweetener just about 2 minutes to completely dissolve and ready to add the xanthan gum
Mix it well and let it boil for few seconds to thicken
See how the xanthan gum thickened it and it has a nice syrupy consistency
Now this is the unflavored syrup. You can leave it as it is or add a small squeeze of lemon
I already have an unflavoured one that I’ve made yesterday. So I’m going to add a flavour for this one
I’ll add some Orange blossom water for this one
You’ll only need one teaspoon of it for this small amount of syrup
I prefer adding the orange blossom water at this stage because I’ve noticed that boiling it weakens it’s flavour
Here we have the orange blossom water flavoured syrup
this one is yesterday’s unflavoured one. And this is the orange blossom flavoured syrup. Now I’ll make the Kuwaiti flavoured one
This is how you can make a fragrant Kuwaiti syrup
1/3 cup of sweetener (used steviana) + 1/3 cup of water
Now to the added aromas …..
Will add 2 cardamom cloves, a small pinch of saffron and a dash of rose water
I’m addeding the saffron and the cardamom cloves from the start to boil with the syrup to release their flavours
I’ll be adding the rose water at the end
Make sure to break to cardamom cloves before adding them so they’ll release a stronger flavour
Now on to the stove
Now there is no whitness in the syrup which means the sweetener has well dissolved
And the saffron and cardamom have realeased their flavours in it
Now just like I did with the first syrup. After it boils for few seconds I’ll add the xanthan gum
Now I’ll add a very small amount of xanthan gum as you see and mix well
Let boil for a couple of seconds to thicken up and it’s ready
This is it, the Kuwaiti flavoured syrup. now we just need to add a splash of rose water to it
Just one teaspoon of it is enough for this amount of syrup
This is the Kuwaiti style simple syrup
Here they are .. the saffron and cardamom syrup, the orange blossom syrup and the unflavoured one
Very easy and fast to make and tastes SO good
ABout the sweetener, some are not too sweet while Steviana is extremely sweet
This small amount of syrup is not a single serving. This can easily serve 3 servings. It is that sweet
Other sweeteners’ sweetness level will vary. And some may actually harden after they cool and needs to be reheated to liquify again
It happened to me with using erythritol and xylitol
Had no problems with Steviana and it stayed syrupy afetr it cooled
If you used other sweeteners and it hardened when it cooled, just put it on the stove with some extra water to loosen it again and use immediately
Personally, I get the best results using Steviana in my recipes. Taste wise and it doesn’t affect me at all