КЕТОЗ. Схемы терапии.  Ketosis. Therapies.

КЕТОЗ. Схемы терапии. Ketosis. Therapies.

November 6, 2019 11 By William Morgan

Hello friends this Vadim Pryadko and Anatoly Petruk
and today we share with you our experience in the prevention
and treatment of subclinical and clinical ketosis.
Ketosis is a metabolic disease which occurs in cows, when the level of consumption of
nutrients and energy in particular does not satisfy the increasing demand for milk production.
Ketosis promotes increased protein level in the diet feeding silage and hay with a high content of butyric and acetic acids.
There are many different means for treating ketosis e.g. propylene glycol, glycerin, sodium propionate, sorbitol, and others.
These components are often used as monotherapy, and this is their weakness,
because they have a specific mechanism of metabolism in the body resulting in the
formation glucose or energy and if this mechanism does not work, we do not get the effect of the use of funds.
A simple example is that without insulin, glucose is not absorbed.
Therefore, medical doctors and veterinarians already started to look for alternative energy
sources and to assemble them into products against ketosis.
One such product Rapilak dominant company in Ukraine.
Rapilak liquid products containing various sources of energy such as propylene glycol,
glucose, L-carnitine, zinc and magnesium.
In the prophylactic version of the product is no L-carnitine.
L-carnitine, vitamin-like substance belonging to the group B vitamins L-carnitine is
involved in b-oxidation of fatty acids by increasing the amount of clean energy.
Diagnosed ketosis we are using the device Optium eksid 5 – th and 12 – th day after the birth.
In order to prevent the drug give for 5 days after birth at a dose of 300 ml per head.
If you can still use the 5 days prior to delivery at the same dose.
In order to use the therapeutic product with L-carnitine at a dose of 300-500 ml for 3-5 days, sometimes longer.
For the convenience of the introduction of the products used a special device for the introduction of liquid preparations.
Takes drenchers click on the handle dip the tip into rapilak and
release handle drug alone typed into the container.
The device is ready for use.
The medicine is injected in such a way.
Insert the tip into the mouth and sent to the throat and then click on the handle and slowly
slowly squeeze the medicine and then pull open sprinklers.
Disadvantages only the first time below the cows happy ingest it, since it has a pronounced
sweet taste. It’s like we were treated to milk chocolate with hazelnuts and raisins.
In more severe cases, when the level of ketones increases above 2 millimoles per liter,
use dexamethasone and metabolism regulators
When the ketone is 3 – 4 millimoles per liter or higher when in a vein or an intraperitoneal
infusion of 40% glucose, insulin, if possible, also be used Energolit, glucamine, Vitafarm stimulus
and medical Sorbilakt, Ksilat and sodium bicarbonate 4%.
How to use aids Choline Thiamine, pyridoxine, kokarboksilazu.
Friends can use their liquid energy complex protocols. Take care of your animals. Goodbye!